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Being a Mom……by Karolien

Being a Mom……by Karolien

Being a mom is like wearing ten different hats during different phases of the day. One moment you’re the mom, a taxi-driver, a nurse, an educator, a dad, an accountant…should I continue or do you get the picture? There are stay-at-home moms that get the rap for ‘not working’, there’s the working moms that in return get the rap ‘for not being there when needed.’ Which one are you? Maybe the one that works a half day job and still have to care for the family after work or even a full day job with no support from a dad at all?

Hubby has been working off-shore ever since the beginning of time so I never had the luxury of a second pair of hands when you need it the most, or a break from a day and night long stint of dealing with a colicky first baby. Nor could he be there for the birth-days, high-days or even holidays most of the time due to the nature of his work. Has it killed me? Well, truth be told some days it almost managed to get the better of me, other days I coped and after a while I got used to it, not that being used to it made it any better! Not that I could blame the poor guy! We had to eat!

It was only when my two were a bit older that I went out to work, needless to say without hubby home I was a working mother of two toddlers, housewife after hours and on weekends and the chief, cook and bottle-washer all rolled into one! I am so grateful that although I still work a day-job, still do most of my own housework, the shopping, the dropping and picking up at schools and extra-murals that my two are now big enough to help out when the load gets too much.

All that I can say is that just sometimes being a mom is a bloody tiring and thankless job……although I must admit I won’t exchange it for anything in the world ever! Having only two kids, one of each gender, I have been super blessed as a mother. It would seem somewhere I managed to get something right. It’s a sobering thought but I think if something had to happen to me tonight they will cope, not only cope, they will survive!

I look at my 16 year old daughter soon to be 17 years old and eligible to apply for her learner driver’s license and I stand in awe of this beautiful, graceful young adult that came from my loins. Ditto for my son, when he, a 14 year old teenager offers to scrub the bathrooms and the toilets in our house I am wondering how on earth I was blessed with such an empathetic, always ready to help others, gorgeous young man standing at the edge of becoming an adult.

Therefore but for the Grace of God goes I….That’s all I can say. We bear these children, these gifts from above and we do what we can, we love them and we try and keep them safe. Somewhere along the line we also have to let go…..it’s the letting go that scares me but the setting them free and see them soar that excites me.

I have prepared them for life as much as I can, the rest is up to them and God above.

With love……


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