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Breakfast; girly talk, giggles and giraffes…..Part 1 of the breakfast series…by Kay

Ending off 2016 with a wonderful bloggers lunch, I was quite keen on repeating the experience when it was mentioned, albeit jokingly, on our bloggers group chat earlier this month.  Any excuse is a good excuse for a morning with the girls, with the menfolk looking after the brats!


Needless to say, as all 15966130_1224772537607903_898240573091698570_nof us are mothers with responsibilities, none of us were quite on time ,but all a tad late as our hostess was waiting patiently for our arrival. Or that’s what we would like to think, in any case. 😉

We took a few minutes to get reacquainted and catch up after not seeing one another during the holidays, and meeting Miss Cupcake (finally), for the first time. Maybe some of you will remember reading about her not delivering on her promise of the red velvet cupcakes for the planned lunch last year due to a stomach ailment. Poor woman, but  we felt much sorrier for ourselves at that time being deprived of said cupcakes..

Finally everyone was seated and the hostess’s kind partner made sure the umbrella was set up so that us beauties could resume our visit in the shade, enjoying the wonderful ambience of sitting outside, overlooking the garden. Not that we could do this peacefully and quietly as this seems so not to be the nature of this group of lovelies. Seated for but a few minutes we decided the table needed moving, so we promptly attended to it, followed by a frantic up and down posing for some much needed photographs for prosperity.We cannot function without the photos! Needless to say, not only did the giraffe make it to the party, but also snuck into some of the pictures. Of course I could tell you the story but I might have to kill you afterwards. 🙂

It took some explaining to Miss Cupcake where the giraffe fits into the picture and the re-telling of the story caused much hilarity. So much so that the girl-child, whom I took with as my +1, sat there just shaking her head from side to side.  I think the poor child is still reeling from all the stories and probably the teeniest bit traumatized listening to a bunch of old fogies like us.

Expecting enough food for an army, as some mommy blogger keeps telling us how much she loves eating and food in general, not that one would think so looking at her tiny waist….*sigh*.  My own waist hasn’t been that tiny since way before the brats but that didn’t stand in the way of me eating everything she put in front of us today. On the menu being lovely croissants, accompanied by another favorite, cheese and crackers. Some fresh fruit, juice, tea and coffee rounded out the breakfast quite well as we were chatting, laughing,  even cackling at some point at the jokes and silly comments bordering on the raucous.

Once again I sat there, relishing the company of other women, other moms, like-minded females. Great women whom I never would have met, had I not lived my dream of sharing life on my planet with the rest of you. I sat there contemplating the sad fact that if one does not step out of ones comfort zone from time to time, one misses out on so much.The people you meet, the experiences you live through, the fun and joy you could find, but also one could miss by not putting yourself out there!

The universe is a funny thing and life on our planets, as hectic as it is at times, often needs the intervention of outside forces to push us out of those comfort zones. I am hoping that a day like today shows my daughter the importance of female companionship and sharing as one cannot care for someone else if your own cup is empty so to speak.

Get out there, make new friends, have coffee, have lunch, go for a walk but most importantly meet new people, they have a way of enriching life if you allow it. Allow people on your planet and make sure to visit some other planets, don’t stagnate and isolate your planet. Never underestimate the power of a group of women, loving, caring and supporting one another as often that could be the only thing getting you through your day.

So once again, breakfast was a treat, a memory to cherish, and I am grateful for this group of ladies that I have met and befriended. Thankful to be part of such a creative and funny group of moms, having their support and they mine. Let’s rock this mommy blogger thing and have fun doing it!

Keep your eyes peeled for part 2 in this series…. 🙂



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