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Daily Ramblings – Molded by our experiences

Daily Ramblings – Molded by our experiences

I read a post the other day on Steemit about the fact that we are molded by our experiences.

I’ve been mulling this over for the past week or so thinking of how to interpret it. Do I perceive this statement to be positive or negative? Do I want to reflect my life’s experiences? Especially the bad ones?

Pondering Life

Her statement in itself I fully agree and believe in. I do believe that the things we live through in our daily lives mold us to some extent.

It may make you a better person, or a worse one depending on what you allow because of course not all life experiences are nice, positive, happy, beautiful and uplifting. Some experiences are harsh, sad, unexpected, difficult and not easy at all.

The fact of the matter is that each and every experience we live through have an impact on us as humans especially because we are human and we often let things affect us far more than we should. I know I am very guilty of this.

Having said that. It’s how you let this mold you at the end of the day what is most important. Do you let experiences make you bitter and twisted without faith in humankind and life. Are you hardened against kindness and love.

Don’t allow your heart to harden ❤️

Or; have you learnt from those experiences and allowed yourself to be molded in someone that can endure and understand that both good and bad is part of life. Have you allowed your experiences to mold you into being a better person, friend, daughter, sister, employee. Have you learnr humility, kindness, empathy and how to help others by using your personal experiences.

Therein lies the question. Who am I? Whom have I been molded into by my multitude of life experiences, good and bad. Do I like what I see? Can I change what I don’t like. Put bad things in perspective and behind me and focus on the good.

Heavy thoughts for a beautiful Tuesday morning. 😊

Thank you for following my blog and reading this. Have a beautiful day. 💞

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