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Diet diaries……by Karolien

(my weight journey through the years, from skinny, to ugly fat and then fulsome forty! 🙂 )

   Urgh yet another new year with another bevy of new years resolutions of which one always seems to be “LOSE WEIGHT AND BECOME MY 16 YEAR OLD SKINNY SELF  AGAIN”, and then 10 days later…oh how the mighty have fallen.  All good intentions and the hard work of the first few days gets tossed out of the window due to the new year bringing new stresses and its just too hard to say no to that gorgeous piece of moist chocolate cake and the second glass of wine not too mention a second portion of the delicious supper hubby cooked.

I think during an average year I start off with the best of intentions to lose weight at least 200 times a year, which I reckon is just about every second day of my life! I started my teens off as a  sexy little thing at just a size 32, never tiny nor petite or just a stick but I did have the flat tummy and the cute bum. 😉 Check picture included! Not lying!! hehe

That was until I started dating the love of my life…..No one was happier than us. We wined and dined, we went places, did things, shared life in general and made wonderful memories. Broke we were often and used to go out for a R10 beer and still managed to have a wonderful time. In-between all these wonderful experiences though, eating was important, we both loved eating out and coffee shops were on our list of favorite haunts.

Taking into account that I could barely cook and veggies and anything healthy DID not feature in our vocabulary at all. My first cooking attempt after we moved in together was like my son will say, ‘a huge fail’. I managed to bugger up two minute noodles for pete’s sake! 🙂 Needless to say, the kilograms started adding up and not too long I was a sizeable size 42 and sometimes rather with an elasticated waist rather than buttons and zips as I was pinching and chaffing all over. Clocking the scale at nearly 100kilograms. 🙁

Totally ashamed to say at that point I was only 23 years of age!  A wedding proposal from my soulmate seemed to be my turning point and I immediately realized that I could not, did not want to, should not get married looking the way I do as I knew I would rue it for the rest of my life looking back on my special day.  *(Please don’t get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with anyone carrying a few extra kilograms but I was an unhealthy and at nearly 100kg’s one very overweight young girl not thinking what I was doing to myself.)

So the quest to lose weight started….hence the diet diaries. Chronicling the yo-yoing of losing weight and gaining again just to have to start anew. I am sure a lot of you can relate. My biggest frustrations with weight loss plans are the no-no things….I mean, I can understand that one have to cut down on portions, on the junk food, sweets, chips and but why oh why are we not allowed to have wine? Don’t they know it makes women moody if they cannot indulge in a glass every now and then…I mean, try working as a preschool teacher dealing with small kids draining you emotionally all day, by the time I walk in the door I need a box of red nevermaaind a glass!!

Oh my word, easy it was not but I did lose 15kg’s in three months and was thankfully much thinner on my wedding day and at least sitting here now writing this I can honestly say I have never gone back to the nearly 100kg’s I weighed on the second picture.

Looking back over 20 years of yo-yo diets, exercise fads and nearly breaking my back and also the bank I am glad to say I’ve stopped caring. Wahahahah gotcha didn’t I? Lying through my teeth! Last year turning 40 saw me attempting running in circles around the neighborhood, trying a meat only diet for a few weeks, starving myself other days. Trying this all whilst working at a pre-school where birthdays accompanied by snacks and cakes at least once a week are the order of the day, I totally blame my work environment at this point in my life as my will-power to say no is well…totally non-existent.

Tried the 16/40 method where you fast for 16 hours of every day and only eat during certain others and only bite sized portions. Bought some more gluten free, low gi, low carb, no carb, no fats, no dairy, no meat, no nothing cookbooks hoping that would help. Truth be told? They are up on the fridge gathering dust and I am still looking for the perfect solution. One that includes my glass of red wine.

Not looking to look 16 again, although that would be amazing if I could work it, but honestly?  I know deep down I am way too lazy. At this point in life I am just happy if my clothes fit and I look half decent in my swimming costume when on holiday. Apart from that I will be grateful for being healthy, having food and the means to buy it in this economy.

For the rest, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and I am convinced 2017 is going to see me reach goal-weight again. But if I don’t? No train-smash, nobody died and not too worry, you’ll probably read about that in a different blog. 😉

Until next time!




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