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Get your Vitamin SEA on and get Island hopping

Get your Vitamin SEA on and get Island hopping

When last have you treated yourself to some Vitamin SEA? Why not grab some brochures or get on the net and start searching for an island getaway. Whether it is a budget one or an all out no limits, all inclusive holiday, start making that dream come true. There are plenty of reasons why an island, ocean or beach holiday should be on your bucket list of things to do!

The bottom of the ocean

One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself is a breakaway weekend or holiday to a tropical island. Imagine walking on pristine white sandy beaches, blue see-through waters mirroring the hues of blues from the skies above. Experience the heat of the sun on your skin, the feel of sand between your toes and the healing powers of the salt water as you float in oblivion.

Nothing beats a walk on the beach whilst the sun is setting on the horizon. That is when hues of blues turns into hues of red and gold painting the skies all colors calming the mind and soul.

I’ve been to plenty of beaches from Cape Town to Sodwana and Saldanha to Henties Bay, more recently Mauritius and the not so well know Havelock island off the coast of Andaman in the Andaman Seas located in the Bay of Bengal. Each one of these beaches have made an impact on my soul, their beaches and oceans imprinted on my mind forever and a day.

Make time for an experience for your soul. Make time to replenished your thirst for the ocean with beach as far as the eye can see. Soak in the sunshine for some much needed Vitamin D. We spend far too much time indoors and not making the most of nature in it’s totality. Not only does the ocean heals cuts and wounds with it’s healing properties but it has a deep psychological effect on the mind, has a calming effect and reduces stress.

Havelock Island

Burying your toes in the sand can have a better effect than many calming tablets and you’ll make memories that no one can ever take away from you. What are you waiting for. The best of all is….for that beach holiday you need your passport, credit card, bikini, hat, sundress and flops. No need to pack more if you’re planning to spend all day on the beach. Start saving or book that trip now!

My next bucket list tropical island trip would have to be Thailand. What I’ve heard and seen so far it is magical and something to experience. Friends own Draco Charters, a chartering company in Paklok Thalang in Puket, Thailand and I am already planning a trip in the back of my head, one which would include a chartered trip on one of their amazing yachts. You can check out their FB page https://www.facebook.com/dracomarinecharters/ here or contact them on info@dracomarineservices.com if you would like to contact them for more information.

Bucket list – Draco Charters Thailand

If I haven’t convinced you to take that tropical island holiday by now I suppose nothing will. On the other hand if I have be sure to follow my blog for some awesome photos of Mauritius and Havelock island which will be posted soon.

This post will also appear as a guest blog on https://dracocharters.com so be sure to visit their website to see all that is on offer.

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