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Girls about town πŸ’³

Girls about town πŸ’³

Today the girl-child and I dropped the brother at school and set off for Port Louis city center to visit the MCB branch in order to collect a bank draft needed for our dependant visas on hubby’s work permit.

I found my way to the free parking hubby was so kind to show me last time as a 2 hour parking stint could easily cost you around Rs100 or more. I would rather use the extra cash at the market to buy veggies which was our next stop. The selection of fresh fruit and vegetables are to die for and mostly cheaper than in the supermarkets. I say mostly as sometimes it could be the other way round. 😏 We remembered to bring our #morsbag that Liza from books.books.books gifted me earlier this year. Perfect for veggie shopping and easy to store in your handbag.


Our parking was quite a walk from the market but we had an awesome amble through the city often stopping to take in the sights. Port Louis certainly is a hub of activity and a blend of different cultures, people, languages and food. It reeks of history and we’ll be back to explore some more in the coming months.

We were planning to visit a museum or two but our planning was a bit ass about elbow πŸ˜‚ as the vegetable shopping got too heavy and we had to return to the car deciding to rather move on to @bagatelle_mall to do our monthly foodshop to fill the empty fridge and ensure the Xman doesn’t go hungry after a long hot day at school.

Heavy bag carrying going on here 🀣

At Intermart we spent a good couple of hours filling our trolleys with some familiar and some NOT so familiar products. Due to the Shoprite group withdrawing from Mauritius you aren’t always so lucky to find your known and trusted products in the shops. We had a special giggle about the vaping brand name, no not that kind of vaping, it’s actually mosquito mats but check the brand-name and see what we found so hilarious. 😏🀣

Having said that, there are many other very interesting foods to get to know and try out.Β  Tofu being right at the top of our list to try.

Meat is extremely expensive in Mauritius and my meat phobia is at an all time high if it’s not South African or Australian meat so we are always on the lookout for protein alternatives. Our staples for meat are cold cuts, salami,Β  bacon, mince, chicken, lentils, tofu and processed meats. And yes.. I’ve seen how processed meats are made and what are used in person in a butchery but I still eat it.

Fortunately both kids and I are quite creative when it comes to cooking so we will be trying quite a few new recipes. I dislike the taste of the local pork and am not quite ready to eat try the unrecognizable frozen packs of meat in the freezers. I am the same with any frozen meat in any freezer if I cannot recognize it I’m hesitant to eat it.. So no offense meant. πŸ–πŸ˜œ

Steaks and the likes from the local Famous Butchers we’ll save for when hubby’s home. πŸ˜‰

In Mauritius you have to remember to bring your own shopping bags or pay for extremely horrid plastic ones that will tear before you leave the shop. One also have to remember to NOT stand like a madam and wait for someone to pack your items in said bags.. You might wait forever or be reminded quite sternly that you have to do it yourself

🀣…. in this place it’s each girl for herself. Forget about the nails and get them groceries in the bags so we can pay and go home.

After spending a fair amount of hubby’s salary on groceries it was time to collect the Xman from school and head back home with the clouds opening up and cooling us all off after an extremely humid morning.

Once I’m done writing this I’ll be off for my daily beach walk and swim and then back home to finally enjoy a glass ofΒ  wine. 🍷After all it’s been a long day. πŸ˜‰


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