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Happy holidays…or is it?…….by Karolien

Whilst Christmas time is suppose to be a time of joy, fun and parties oftentimes not everyone around us experience it as such.

Like I mentioned in a previous blog I myself am not too fond of the hype around Christmas and the craziness it brings. And social media does not help at all as it just creates more awareness that you are not keeping up to the Jones’s family with your Christmas preparations, gift buying, the new car, and the expensive holiday.

You log onto Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whichever social media account you belong to, and it’s absolutely inundated with photos of people showing off, eating out pictures, doing weird and wonderful fun activities, holiday pictures, just bought a new house/car/hairstyle/dog/insert your own/ etc. Photos pinging to and fro of people on holiday, in pools, (guilty as charged 🙂 ),on ski-slopes (yes I actually know someone skiing somewhere in the alps right now! 😉 ), photos of people camping, 4x4ing, staying at exclusive holiday resorts, and even photos of people tweeting or instagramming  whilst they are out Christmas shopping.

Why? Why have we become so obsessed in sharing every little detail of our lives on social media? Creating a picture story that shows supposed wealth and happiness and joy over material things.  Are we happy? Are we wealthy? Are we joyous?

Are we creating a fake idea of our lives? Posting all the ‘happy’ moments and everyone will believe we are totally ok and happy inside? My daughter said a true thing the other day, now keeping in mind that I have tried to teach  them to be mindful about wasting money and to be responsible young people. I posted a photo on Facebook about us at the Spur, following a photo where we spent a morning at a market the day before and her comment to me was…’mom you’re making it look like we are out everyday and spending money like crazy.’ Which is a total untruth because we budget for all our outings and if we can’t afford it, we don’t go.

But it made me think…and I have long had this on my heart. We post stuff on social media creating a false picture of what is in actual fact, not our life, but a very small part, only moments in time. As hubby works away for weeks, and sometimes months at a time, I am an absolute expert of taking hundreds of photos when he is home, be it for 24 hours or two months and making it seem as if we spent most of our time together glued to each other’s sides. Which is not true as I don’t see him half as much as I would like to and more. 🙁

I am not judging at all as I am just as guilty of creating such a ‘lie’ which is a harsh word but the picture our posts paint is not often the colourful and beautiful picture we would like it to be in real life?  I love posting on Facebook and Instagram. Twitter is a bit too teenagy for me sometimes but the fact is. I do it, you do it, we all do it. But in truth, the long and the short is, it’s not always how real life looks behind the photos. If I have to have running commentary on social media about my life, I would probably scare the living daylights out of people as life is often so hectic that I feel harassed and on the edge half the time.

I find it sad as I feel we sometimes have such a need to compete with other peoples’ social media posts that the smallest little thing that we do is blasted out for the world to see. I am not condemning it,  I just find it sad at times. I watched the Genocide in Aleppo, Syria, this week crying my eyes out ,whilst I worried about what to get my kids for Christmas, complaining about the prices of food, and spending money on a camping trip whilst other people are posting about death and sadness.

What have we come to as a society? We have people all by themselves at this time of year, conscious of how their lives do not match up to others by watching Facebook feeds and Instagram. I myself had moments of the green monster lurking whilst  watching other people’s wonderful and exciting holiday plans whilst I still don’t know when hubby is even going to be home and frantically trying to at least secure a camping spot so we can also go on holiday and post pictures to social media of our wonderful times.  The season should actually be about celebrating the birth of Christ and spending some much needed family time with hubby and the brats.

My point being; I am not always out with hubby, the kids, or friends enjoying exotic food at exotic restaurants. I am not always floating on a pool in oblivion, I am not always staying in hotels, motels or guesthouses as in truth the economy is such that that is something that is saved for absolutely special occasions. But if you browse my Facebook profile you might be led to think something different.

So, keep posting those photos, keep tweeting your doings, but keep in mind that it only presents moments in time and not the real thing.

On that note, wishing you a wonderful, blessed Christmas and enjoy your holidays. <3


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