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Help spread the love – The Love Project -Mauritius

Help spread the love – The Love Project -Mauritius

Since moving to Mauritius I have been quite active on social media looking for inspiration for blogs, things to do and any interesting initiatives to check out.

The more obvious initiatives would be getting involved in the local animal shelters or some other noble cause. Not that I haven’t given it some thought but my bleeding heart will not quite survive the mistreated animals.

I did however find another strange but albeit very compelling initiative called ‘The Love Project – Mauritius’, a project that aims to literally and figuratively spread a message of love (and hope) across the island by getting members involved in writing ‘love letters’ for those who might need a lift, a word of encouragement, a token that someone cares, that someone believes in them.

It’s not love letters from one lover to another so don’t dismiss it as something you won’t be able to do, it is a gesture of kindness and compassion, a anonymous way to share hope and encouragement to those in need of it. Their aim is to create a community of people who acknowledges are aware of the importance of mental health. A community I for one will be proud to be a part of.

You write a letter, thinking of all the beautiful and kind thoughts that you would like someone to say to you and you share those thoughts with someone whom at that moment might just need it more that you think.

‘The Love Project – Mauritius’ needs all the help they can get in accomplishing this goal and this is where people like us come in the picture. You can get involved in three different ways.

  1. You can sign up via their email link and get a nominated person that you address a ‘love letter’ to with strict guidelines as how this letter should be written.
  2. The other option would be to write an anonymous letter to ‘Whomever finds this’ and hide it in a public place where someone can find it. Whomever finds a letter are requested to share a post on FB, explaining how they felt on receiving the letter using the hashtag #theloveprojectmru, anonymously or otherwise and they are invited to join the project if they feel like paying it forward.
  3. You can join their writing therapy workshops where you will be guided in the letter writing process and be a part of the love letter distribution. The dates and venues of these workshops will be communicated on their Facebook Page.
Help spread the love!!

Nominate someone that could be in need of some emotional support by filling out the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/dGKVGzjIuyqqWLmy1.

This project is done in complete anonymity but anyone is welcome to join in. Look out for me at one of their following workshops as I will be there boots and all!

Visit their FB page https://www.facebook.com/theloveprojectmru/ and start sharing the love today!!



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