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Home alone……by Kay

Home alone…you know that moment when everybody buggers off and you are finally on your own….that moment you’ve been savoring, been waiting for all week. And then, sadly the moment is almost too big! 🙂

Everyone’s gone, the house is empty and you find yourself wondering what to do. Not that that was the original plan at all! I had my home alone day mapped from minute one until the kids get back tomorrow…however after a hectic morning with a friend pitching for coffee whilst I was still in my pj’s teeth in-brushed, hair not even mentioned (fortunately its a very good friend), the phone going with messages from hubby in Mauritius vying for my attention and then the friends picking up the kids with me still in my pj’s still with my teeth and my hair unattended to. What can I say? I can mention that I did think finally I can get on with my plans was it not for same friend that came for coffee now sending a friendly request on Whatsapp..’pick you up in half an hour for shopping and a coffee!’

Now you’re thinking…she could have just said no! Thing is, I could have…but the word ‘NO’ doesn’t work in my life. Whenever I say no I start guilt-tripping myself so what was there to do but say: ‘yes of course, see you soon’. So I went on a shopping trip that I didn’t plan and initially didn’t want to go on. And you know what? It wasn’t so bad. It was time spent with a good friend, time that we don’t always have. We had a good chat, a good giggle and a good shop and the world is well again..facebook_1484404682105

She dropped me off and once again I thought! Yay! My alone time is here I can do what I wanted, what I set out to do…and instead? I’m sitting here writing a blog. After crisscrossing the house, picking up this, picking up that, starting this, starting that. Boiling the kettle for the third time because the first two times I got distracted by the dirty dishes in the sink and the pile of clothes on the couch in my bedroom. You see, its been a hectic week, no little fairy to help out with cleaning the house and I was giving the kids a break from it as its their last week of holidays so essentially the house is a bit of a mess.

Am I going to clean it? Yes, probably eventually, not right now.. cleaning house is not something to save to do on a ‘home-alone-day/weekend’. My list consists more of things that I would like to do for myself, a nice lunch, sorting my bedroom for a change, visiting a friend, reading that book I have been meaning to, go for a movie or watch one on Netflix which I very seldom do as the kids always get to choose. Or do what I do now, sitting down with a cup of coffee and just being, there is never enough time just to be. Soon I will exchange the coffee with a nice crisp rockshandy, as I am not allowing myself any wine at the moment, but that is a blog on it’s own! So rockshandy in hand we’ll see if I get to the other things on my list!

For now I will cherish the quiet after this morning, during which, the house felt worse than Jo’burg train station with all the comings and goings. hahahaha True story? I am totally enjoying the ‘home-alone-feeling but truth be told: I do miss my family. I miss hubby whom are ‘working’ (read gallivanting) in Mauritius, I miss the brats even if all they do when they’re home is hide in their rooms until there is talk of food or snacks. I am looking on my phone every five minutes to see whether they miss me too. I am sure they do!  😉 Although, whatsapp pictures of the fun they are all having is not helping much!

Let me go get distracted and get nothing done until tomorrow when the kids are back!




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