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Keep calm and breathe on – It’s a red tape kind of day

Keep calm and breathe on – It’s a red tape kind of day

Being sent from pillar to post. That’s how it often goes on a day like today. We were sitting at immigration, all prepared to hand in our dependants visa applications for living in Mauritius with hubby whom has a valid occupational permit, when the whole process was halted due to the fact that the clinic advised us wrongly on the X-man’s medical tests.

We sat there with every piece of paper you can think of at the ready, stamped, signed and sealed when the officer requested a full medical report for the X-man. One that the clinic very specifically said he did not need due to being under 18 years of age. I must admit, my blood started boiling only a little bit.. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ I queried the clinic on this issue extensively on Tuesday when the girl-child and I was subjected to urine and stool samples, blood works, x-rays and a check-up by a doctor. The X-man got away with only the x-rays and a quick checkup with the staff assuring me this was all we would need.

It turns out they were wrong. The immigration officer very kindly handed our stack of papers back and advised us to get the him back to the clinic asap so as to have all the tests performed as per the permit requirements. Which we promptly did this afternoon, sending the whole clinic into a bit of a panic because of course no one wants to own up to making a mistake. Which is human nature I suppose.

However, this human mistake means that we can now only submit our applications on Monday morning; once again having to brave Port Louis traffic and scarce parking to collect the report from the clinic and then drop it at Sterling house. We also had to pay another substantial amount on top of the monies paid on Tuesday to have said tests done.

For those of you who have kids under 18 but over 12 years of age, please be aware that your child will have to undergo the FULL medical tests. Doesn’t matter what the staff at the clinic or hospital says. Rather safe than sorry.

Be warned, prepare yourself mentally for the trauma as the medicals include blood works, stool and urine tests, chest x-rays and a very quick doctor’s checkup. It caused quite a stir in our household.. ๐Ÿ˜‚

For our family, delays to finalize our applications are not welcome at this stage due to hubby always being at sea. It means that we don’t always have a great window of opportunity to complete these very necessary tasks. As mad as I was this morning I had to take a moment and get over it as these things take time and with the amount of documentation having to be submitted there is bound to be delays. Hopefully the medical report will be the only one for us.

So today, now, at this moment, I am just going to breathe. Very deeply! I cannot change anything at this point. We’ll start anew on Monday and see if we can get it all sorted. Most importantly we have proof that we’ve started our application process.

The list of documents might differ from family to family or individual to individual depending on the application one is submitting so please check on the website or with the authorities on exactly what you might need.

We had to hand in the following documents :

  • Unabridged marriage certificate or an affidavit of life partnership witnessed by a commissioner of oath (copy but have the original with you for validation )
  • Unabridged birth certificates for all dependents (be sure to have the originals)
  • ID photos for all of us, hubby included
  • Medical reports – originals (cost for three of us was Rs3500 x 3 at the clinic) (we were led to believe the clinic was cheaper than the private hospital, NOT!)
  • Copy of all dependant’s passports as well as the entry date on which you have entered Mauritius (be sure to have the passports on your person for validation)
  • A bank draft of Rs15000 (Rs5000 per dependant)
  • Hubby had to fill in a letter of ‘undertaking’ as the main applicant as well as a application to enter Mauritius form with our details on
  • Hubby’s original Occupational permit

Once there you get a UID form to fill in and sign with a special black marker pen.

On the upside it would seem that apart from the marriage certificate and/or life partner affidavit which needs to be certified and stamped, the other papers needn’t be certified if you have the originals to validate them on the spot. This is what we were specifically told by the immigration officer. He checked each document against the original, stamped and dated it. If you are worried about this, please ensure that you have all documents verified by a commissioner of oath.

Please note that I am NOT an expert on these matters. This blog is NOT fact driven, it only depicts our personal experience where this is concerned. We have been doing the whole process in our personal capacity with no help from a company or agent.

Please check on the Mauritius website and or with the local authorities for any help and advice.

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