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Keep calm and take the bus

Keep calm and take the bus

Sometimes leaving the car in the garage and footing and bussing it is a good way of living in the moment. When we take the car we are always in a hurry, always anxious to get we’re we need to be, always rushing, rarely noticing people and things around us. Walking to the bus stop means I can look someone in the eye and say good morning. Or pay a compliment. Sitting in the bus not having to concentrate on driving I can be more aware of things happening in my town. What are we rushing towards daily? Why do we feel we need to be so anxious, so hurried, so unaware of our surroundings. This morning I madw the choice to take the bus, to be calmer, more in the moment, more aware. Greeting others, enjoying the ride. Living the moment. It might not always be possible but surely we can make time for some time out.


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