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Mauritian diaries Chapter 1……by Karolien

I am in Mauritius, sans kids, precious time away with hubby all by ourselves on a tropical island…… dream holiday come true?

Yes and no….one thing I can say is that my type of Mauritius holiday is definitely not the same as the average tourist experience or what the brochure advertises. As I sit here writing my ‘office space’ is the wheelhouse of the fishing vessel hubby is working on currently, my view is of the harbor in Port Louis and being ensconced with four men in the house for the next few days my breakfast so far consisted of three coffees and a bowl of Kellogg’s. The tea was just too vile so i have to make do with coffee which is so strong I think I will be on a caffeine high for the next few days not mentioning what it’s doing to my digestive system!!

My trip started of fairly ok departing from Cape Town to Johannesburg with no funny stuff, arriving on OR Thambo in one piece. Since I haven’t (gasp, yes not all of us are experienced overseas travelers) been abroad for many years OR Thambo felt like a strange city on its own to negotiate but I survived, I mean, I am 40 going on 41 and a bit street-smart and also I can read boards and follow directions. 🙂

From there it went a little bit pear shaped when the flight was delayed for close on 2 hours and apart from hearing the words “technical problems” bandied about I still have no clue what caused the delay. All in all the flight that followed on Air Mauritius was quite uneventful and even pleasant too a point.

On arrival in Mauritius the fun began in earnest as neither hubby nor his boss had thought to provide me with an address for the duration of my stay and needless to say the authorities were not impressed and I was detained until I could manage to finally log onto the free passenger Wi-Fi and Whatsapp call hubby to help out. By this time tiredness and a bit of ‘gatvol’ has kicked in and I was verging on the edge of tears. Standing there with no way to communicate with someone familiar on in a strange country with a less than helpful official glaring at you is quite intimidating to say the least.

Yay I finally made it through and collected my luggage. Finding hubby waiting patiently at the arrivals made my day and I nearly burst into tears. I don’t think men quite realize the effort put into planning a week away leaving house and hearth behind, arranging everything from the kids, the dogs, the cats, don’t forget the fish, a replacement for my class and so the list goes on. So bear with me if I say my arrival on one of the supposed to be most beautiful islands was a bit anticlimactic to say the least.

Hubby’s boss clearly did not think it through when the two of them came to the airport to collect myself and two other business partners on the same flight with a tiny little Nissan Micra. The hilarity of it lifted my mood when I realized all five of us and the luggage of three of us need to fit into this little midget for the hour long drive to the other side of the island where we will be staying for the duration. My suitcase was of course the biggest, being the only girl , so I had to endure some ribbing about that. At least I only had one was my quip back. I soon got my own back when three of them and not all so daintily built had to squeeze into the backseat of the midget car. Think sardines in a can! I am sure I could feel the rims of the tires each time we hit a bump. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Arriving at the house there was no going to bed as I was hoping being dead on my feet but instead a glass of wine or two to take the edge off. Not a bad idea at the time but I certainly felt it this morning as I crawled out of bed at six, four o’clock SA time, to join the men in coming to the boat. My bleary eyes and woolly brain tells me the late night after the long day was maybe not a good idea. But you know what? I couldn’t care less, I haven’t seen hubby for three months and any time spent together is precious memories being made. We only live once…live in the moment! <3

watch this space for more on the Mauritius diaries…..I have a feeling this is going get interesting. 🙂

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