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#Mauritius - Doing The Expat Thing

Memo from Turner by Tim Willocks by Ben from books.books.books

A rich young guy from the Northern Cape fatally injures a teenage street girl with his Range Rover outside a shebeen in Nyanga. The problem is that he does not know he did because he was too drunk. His companions, who do know, leave her to die. The young guy’s mother, a self-made mining magnate intends to keep him ignorant of his crime; he is after all destined to become a big time lawyer and cannot afford such a stain on his record. She would have died from drugs on the street anyway.

Unfortunately the case falls to Warrant Officer Turner of Cape Town homicide. He travels to the Northern Cape mining town which is “owned” by the mother. The local police and security there is very much in the pocket of Margot le Roux (the mother). Turner finds her determined to protect her son at any cost BUT Turner will not be bought or bullied.

Margot and her “family” try desperately to bury Turner in the Northern Cape desert but 14 dead men later…..

A violent thriller with quite some gore.

Read and reviewed by Ben

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