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Morning Post – All about giving

Morning Post – All about giving

It is a wet Wednesday on my rock and I once again have some thoughts to share.

Your greatness is not in what you have, but in what you give.

What do we give of ourselves to others? Are you a money, gift or physical giver or are you someone who gives of your time, your emotional well-being, your kindness, your care.

We are often stingy with our time and not everyone is comfortable with giving of themselves. With getting involved. It’s often easier to fob someone off with financial or other more tangible aid because they feel they cannot afford to give kindness or empathy without being dragged in.

People are scared to give because life is already so hard and so packed with commitments and good things and bad. We don’t want to stop and listen to one another’s hardships, trials, and tribulations. We don’t want to give up our time because to give up our time, is to give of ourselves and we’re afraid to be drawn in. We’d rather pass the time with empty chit-chat and superficial chat, never really getting too close.

Time is a commodity that we cannot buy, we cannot multiply. We’ve got what we’ve got and we’re too scared to share those precious minutes. Too scared to waste it on someone else. Having said that. We’d much rather waste it on more unimportant things like browsing for hours on social media instead of taking the time to spend with one another.

In moving to my island and putting my issues and island blues out there I have realized that there is a need amongst us for people to stop and ask whether you are ok. To stop and look at one another and really seeing the person. We need to ask each other, we need to take time to check in and check up. Not on FB, not on Social media but in real life. We need to stop hiding the real feelings behind pretty words and pictures because it leads others to believe that they are alone in their plight.

There’s a need for each and every one of us to come out and admit when we’re lonely, when we’re blue, when we’re sad or afraid. I’ve realized there’s also a need for people to reach out and say, all will be ok.

I’m a people’s person and I have a heart for others which means that I often get way too involved. I have no money to give so I try and give of myself and my time as much as I can but often to such an extent that I am often emotionally drained and in the past it’s been to the detriment of my family in some ways but I don’t regret it as it has taught my kids one of the most important lessons in life. To see the need in others and to try and assist and support where they can.

I ask of you that you look around you and SEE the people surrounding you. Try and SEE their needs, ask them if they are ok. Give of yourself for a few minutes. You will not lose by doing it but gain greatly in the knowledge that you have given someone else something precious.

From a wet and windy Mauritius I wish you a beautiful day!

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