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Morning Thoughts – Change

Morning Thoughts – Change

Good Morning Everyone

There is a great old saying, well one of many; “A change is as good as a holiday”, and another great one that says’ “Give me coffee to accept the things I can change and help me accept the things I can do nothing about’.

When is the last time you’ve changed anything in your life?

  • Your hair color? (it’s been 6 months and counting for me, but then, I live on an island)
  • Your coffee? (Island coffee and tea does not taste the same so yes there was an unasked for change..)
  • Your style of what you wear?
  • Your make up?
  • Your morning routine?

The list goes on. I live a life where everything changes constantly so it’s often hard to maintain a certain routine or even something as simple as a hairstyle. I’ve never had a hairdresser that did my hair for longer than a year at the most.

Having said that. I do believe change is good. We tend to forget there is life beyond our community. Life beyond our lives. We forget there is an outside world to explore and we tend to stagnate in the familiar.

I have yet to live longer than five years in the same neighborhood never-mind the same town so I can go on about change for a long time.

My thoughts this morning is just this. Make a small change, take a different route to work. Shop at a different shop than usual. Become part of a book club or start your own stokvel. Get out of the rut.

You don’t have to make monumental changes. I’ve had to accept there are things I CAN change in my life and that I have to make peace with the fact that our lives are forever changing. I am grateful for it in part because if not for that I would most probably not have been sitting here writing this for you to read.

Many of us are too afraid of change because our comfort zones are just that; too comfortable. I’ve learnt to embrace change and I try valiantly every day to make the most of it. Through change after change I’ve made the most amazing friends, I’ve collected the best memories and I am growing exponentially each day. It’s not easy, it never is but most often than not it’s worth it.

Make some changes. Live it up a bit. Shake it up, make it what you want it to be. Don’t sit and wait for change to find you. But if they do and it wasn’t planned…drink the coffee, accept the change and move on.

Happy Thursday!!

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