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Morning Thoughts – Instant Friends – Almost like Instant Coffee – Just Better!

Morning Thoughts – Instant Friends – Almost like Instant Coffee – Just Better!

It’s a dreary wet Friday on my rock but I am not complaining as I am thoroughly enjoying the cooler weather although it has a slight impact on one’s mood I must admit. It puts me in a contemplative mood and I sit and think about life.

Grey weather makes me feel grey too. Especially today as yesterday I had to greet a friend that’s become close in a very short time. This week coming I’m greeting three more. Such is life.

It’s sometimes up and sometimes down. Today feels like a downer but it’s OK. I’ll deal with it like the pro I am and tomorrow the sun will shine and life will go on. The most important part is that I won’t hide how I feel. I am quite comfortable with saying how I feel and truth is; saying goodbye SUCKS bigtime even if you’ve only just become friends with someone.

I firmly believe you don’t have to know someone for 50 years to become besties. It’s something that can happen in a split-second when you meet someone and you just realize that you’re meant to be friends. I call it instant friends, almost like instant coffee, just better.

Living on an island is rough at times. Shit gets real. You make friends or you sit alone. I am not the sit alone at home with no friends type, the loneliness in that will kill me for sure. I’m blessed to make friends quite easily and mostly they turn out to be lasting friends. I know people are more often than not in transit in our way of life and the chances of having to say goodbye is always real. I still choose the friendship despite the hurt of leaving them behind that’s bound to follow.

Friends are such an important factor in lives. I know I certainly need them for a soundboard, for some shared laughter and jokes, for moral support and so much more.

In our splintered communities where there are no more real ‘villages’ for support as families are scattered all over due to financial, job-related or whatever other issues I’m truly blessed to have friends that have been such a support in my life. Friends that’s made such an impact on me that I couldn’t imagine ever not having met them.

People cross our paths for a reason that I do believe, sometimes we don’t realize it immediately, some reasons we’ll never know and then there are the times that you recognize the friend as someone who brought a message with them, a lesson to learn or a change in your destiny.

Cherish them and be the kind of friend you want others to be to you.

The morning’s long gone so I wish you a happy Friday and weekend ahead!

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