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New Year, New goals? Not this girl! Not this year!

New Year, New goals? Not this girl! Not this year!

It’s the fourth of January 2019 and I woke up this morning realising that for the first time in my adult life I have exited an old year and entered a new year goal-less (does such a word even exist?), plan-less, expectation-less and resolution-less, OK, I am making them up as I go along. :p

Truth be told this is a #gasp situation. In a world where one cannot exist from one day to the next if you haven’t set any goals, planned each minute detail to death or have some expectation of the day, situation or life even this is for sure an anomaly.

Well I don’t have any plans, whatever goals I was thinking of setting has sort of blurred when I got off the plane here in Mauritius. I have entered the new year with absolutely NO idea whether I am coming or going, I relocated to a foreign country and left all that is familiar and all that WAS planned behind. Whatever my idea of life before Mauritius was will definitely not fit in with life in Mauritius I realised as I unpacked my bags these last few days, making myself comfortable in my new hometown of Mount Choisy.

What I did realise this morning is that I don’t care. I’m a little bit apprehensive, but not enough to grab a diary and start setting goals or planning ahead for the next few days, weeks, or months. Don’t get me wrong, life always comes with some planning, whether it be a shopping list, deciding what’s for dinner or school-lunches but those don’t involve heavy thinking.

I have no new year’s resolutions, no expectations either. I’m not going to promise to lose weight, to be successful, to drink less wine, to swear less, to get fit, to be a better person. If I can’t do those things in my stride without having to declare them to the world then I don’t deserve them.

I will constantly look out for new challenges but I am not going to promise that I will follow through on all. I’m 42, I deserve a year of ‘Let’s see what this year brings’, after all I am living on an island for the foreseeable future. A beautiful island at that, but one that brings it’s own challenges regarding culture and language. A challenge I plan to embrace.

I’m not someone whom can sit still and do nothing at all so I am sure something will pop up or I’ll find it in the most unexpected place. For now I am relishing some rest after an extremely challenging 2018 in many ways. From getting used to working from home without the awesome support of my ex-colleagues at the preschool, the death of a close family member, not having hubby home for more than 6 months and having to plan and execute a relocation overseas in less than 2 months sorting pets, selling our car, giving up our rental and storing our furniture, in a nutshell.

So yes, bring on 2019, bring on the unexpected, the unplanned, the new, the fresh, the experiences, the love, the happiness, the contentment in abundance. I’ll be here lounging in the pool or walking the many beautiful beaches finding peace and enjoying having my family in one place for what might be one final year before the girl-child spreads her wings and follows her own heart and embark on this thing called life.

I pray that 2019 will bring joy, peace and love in abundance to you all.

Lots of love




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