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Out with the old, in with the new

Out with the old, in with the new

As I sit here with my coffee on what is the last day of 2019 I look back on the 365 days that’s flown by like it’s never happened. On the 31st of December last year the X-man and myself boarded our flight to Mauritius. On the 31st of December THIS year I am in the same house from where I’ve left last year with our 10, packed to the brim suitcases.

December last year I was packing up a life. I was putting everything we own into boxes and ultimately in storage where it still resides waiting on inspiration on a final destination. One which may still be a ways off in the future. At this point in time I have NO idea what our future holds.

This has been a long strange year. One in which our lives have change irrevocably with our moving to Mauritius. We’ve learnt to let go, to leave behind, to adapt, to create a new life. At times it’s been exhilarating, at times it’s been rough, sometimes awesomeness in it’s totality and other times just downright scary.

We’ve met some amazing new people and said goodbye to some others. Some we haven’t known for long but they left a hole either way. We’ve learnt that life on an island is transient and different’ to say the very least.

I’ve been happy, I’ve been sad. I’ve had good times and bad. We’ve learnt to get used to new things and open our minds for new experiences and we’ve had to learn to do without some other familiar things and practices. Along the way we have grown and changed our perceptions on life in general as this year has taught us many lessons. Some lessons were easy to learn and others were a bit more painful but nonetheless did us the world of good to learn.

We’ve learnt once again that home is where the heart is and that my heart is with my hubby so that is where my home is. Inevitably the kids will follow their own paths sooner or later, (I have a feeling it will be the former), but we’ve had a year of bonding, fun, laughter and new adventures! An epic family adventure that we were blessed to have.

These past few weeks I’ve had a bittersweet taste of the empty nest feelings that are approaching fast. Being in Cape Town for the holidays meant that the girl-child has predominantly been with the boyfriend and the X-man has been staying mostly with friends leaving mom to her own devices. I’ll be honest and say I feel a tad bereft although I’ve seen it coming for a while it’s definitely harder in real life. It’s not just harder, it scares the shit out of me.

We’ve definitely learnt that there’s life after kids, even though said kids are still under our roof and care for a while in the foreseeable future. The travel bug has bitten and I have discovered that however daunting it is to get out of your comfort zone that sometimes you should just do it! Conquer those fears and live life to the fullest!

To me this was what this past year was all about. About getting out of my comfort zone. Some days that was easier said than done but 2019 has seen me doing many things that I’ve never thought I’d do. I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve seen a lot, I’ve met many people through my solo adventures, my Andaman trip with hubby and lovely coffee meetups and through baring my soul on here. I’ve discovered that I’ve got a nomadic soul, something I should have know by now I know but I think it finally sunk in.

I don’t know how many remember my new years blog for 2019 but I made a resolution to make NO resolutions and my only wish was to connect more, to live more, to blog more, to learn to get to know myself more, challenge myself more. (LINK; http://www.karolien-thereslifeafterkids.com/new-year-new-goals/) I’ve written about a 100 blogs on here, more so on another website (steemit) that I am also blogging on, I’ve done at least one Facebook post a day (sometimes just sharing something inane but my intention was to do something daily which I have stuck to, mostly!) 1000’s of photos later and the Indian adventure done and dusted I feel like I’ve sort of accomplished what I set out to do. I got out of my comfort zone. I’m not sure what 2020 holds for me but I’m sure looking forward to more of the same.

I’m grateful for each and everyone that has been following my journey whether by reading my blog, commenting, contacting me privately or just cheering on from the sidelines by liking and sharing posts. I often feel like I live an insignificant small life until someone tells me they’ve read my blog and that they really enjoy my posts. Thank you for kind words and the constant support throughout this year.

I wish you all a beautiful and blessed festive season and although there will be many more posts on Facebook daily I want to take the time to urge you to make the most of every day. Get out of your comfort zone. Look at the year gone past but don’t dwell on the things you did or did not do. Don’t regret wrong turns, wrong decisions or difficult times.

All of these experiences shape us and help us grow and we need to embrace the good and the bad. Just always try to take a lesson and remember it is OK to be stuck in the moment when you feel down. Just don’t stay down. Get up and get back into life. I’ve not written much on my blog these past months and I’ve been so grateful by everyone that took the time to ask whether I was OK because I wasn’t writing. Truth is I let something steal my joy for a while and it took me a while to get over it. This was not my first writer’s block moment and I guarantee you it won’t be the last but I won’t let it get me down as it doesn’t define me. It’s but a hick-up in this thing we call life. Sometimes it acts as a reminder that there are more to life than writing blogs or whatever we keep ourselves occupied with.

For 2020 I wish for more travels, experiences to share, lots of love, blessings and abundance for each one of us. I wish you happiness and courage to get out of your comfort zone. 2020 will see me try even more, experience more, live more and love more. I wish the same for each and everyone. I wish you ENOUGH! I wish us all ENOUGH! Contentment, satisfaction but also curiosity to experience more of life.

I wish you enough!

Go well on this last day of 2019. Enjoy the holidays and safe travels!

Much love


(all photos are my own. Thistle image from canva, quote by William Arthur Ward)


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  1. It has always been a pleasure to follow you and yours on face book.your photos and your stories.Remember that we will always be here for you .Just remember also we are a phone call away.Be well and be safe lovies to all of you.

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