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Paper Ghosts by Julia Heaberlin – book review by Liza from books.books.books

Carl is an old man who used to be a well-known photographer. These days he is sitting in a run-down halfway house being cared for by Mrs T – and he has dementia. Mrs T ‘s home was the only place that would take him in when he was found by a policeman living on the street. Carl was suspected of stalking and killing young women but never convicted. When he was found by the cop he couldn’t remember his name and it was only via fingerprints that he was identified as a possible serial killer.

Then Carl’s daughter rocks up at Mrs T and says she wants to take her dad on a last road trip. Who is this mystery woman as Carl keeps protesting he does not have a daughter.

The woman is not his daughter but her sister, Rachel, went missing over ten years previously and she has linked Carl to her disappearance through his photographs. They go on a road trip through Texas which route goes past towns where three specific women also went missing. They are following a series of photographs and she keeps hoping that Carl will remember something or confess to any of his crimes – all she wants is to find closure for Rachel.

It’s a well written book with surprising twists and turns

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