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Pens, socks and tupperware lids

Pens, socks and tupperware lids

Honestly! Am I the only mom that stand in front of the kitchen cupboard wanting to bang my head against it out of frustration? Why? Let me tell you why! Over the years, taking into account how many hundreds of lunchboxes I have bought. New ones, big ones, small ones, medium ones, round ones, rectangular ones, square ones and even oval ones.

>Not only have I bought hundreds of these lovely little containers a friend even once donated a bucket-load which she wasn’t using anymore. No I can see you wonder why I am so upset or perhaps some of you already know because you’ve been in my shoes.

Those mornings or times when you are looking for a container to put something in whether it is last nights leftovers or your lunch to take to work today. And that moment that you realise you have containers with no lids and lids with no containers. One of the jokes life daily plays on me. Except that it is really not funny!

>I used to get so upset when I visited my mom and she had all her leftovers in margarine and ice-cream containers and I could never figure which container had which. I now marvel at her wisdom of not letting the rest of the family know where she stashes her matching tupper containrs and lids in fear of it going the same way as many other containers and lids before them. And where is that we ask?

Fact is…we don’t know….probably to the same place the pens, socks, batteries and the lippie I just bought last week disappeared to. That island somewhere in the Bermuda triangle. Teaspoons, cake-forks and steak-knives seem to go the same route at some point or maybe it’s just my house? I found a fork in my car the other day, trying to escape life in the de Kock house? :p, 

All that I know is that in our house wearing socks that don’t match is. It is the bane of my life and I still get frustrated but I’ve given up trying to work out where these items go to hide. How can you lose the lid but not the container or the container and not the lid? What do one do with all the non matching containers and lids in the kitchen drawer? How does one lose the socks, I mean I am the one responsible for doing the laundry?? And the washing machine is next to the tumble-dryer and when I take it outside I hang it and the kids take it off….it seems such a simple process.

Until it’s time to sort the clean laundry and you come up with a few pairs of lonely socks.

I decree that life is hard enough without having to send out a search party every time we lose a sock, lid, pen, container or any other annoying little item that seems hell-bound to get lost.

Instead we’ll make do with our unmatched socks and ice-cream/margarine tubs for lunchboxes until the next time I give in and buy new matching socks for all members of m family and shiny new lunchboxes that will surely stay together for at least a week or two.

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