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Sentimental old git

Sentimental old git

Once again, it’s that time….time for a blog.  And the muse seems to still be on holiday. It’s been like this for the past few months now, I guess I ought to send a mail and demand she/he/it come back so that the writers-block can take a hike. 😉

Easier said than done though. Ideas are a dime a dozen, it’s the actual sitting down and writing that becomes the pain in the proverbial backside. 😉

What I really want to write about is my daughter, my eldest child and my only girl-child, 17 years old but with a wise old soul of a 30 year old. Oftentimes way too serious and caught up in her own little world. My cave dweller on school day afternoons, weekends and holidays.

My tomboy horse-rider that’s now warmed up to an occasional all girls outing and shopping trip with mom sans the boys. Shopping malls used to be a big no-no until said girl-child recently discovered the riches within, normally armed with mom and a shop account card. 🙂

Unfortunately time is going to fast. it seems my baby girl is growing up and way too soon. It’s now got a boyfriend and quite serious it seems, even at their tender age, taking funny pics, ‘so we can laugh about it one day when we are old’, yes? You have all the answers at that age don’t you?

17 might seem so grown up to them now but when they are 40 looking back I am sure they will realize that they were still kids. Too young, too innocent and too naïve to know any better. I do enjoy that they think of the future however uncertain that might be. We all know that in this life NOTHING is guaranteed.

Watched a great movie the other night in which the actor speaks about life and I quote ‘we move from holding pen to holding pen (primary school, high school, university, our jobs as adults etc), always waiting for life to begin, not realizing that life is already happening all around us. Always awaiting that one defining thing, or moment, to change life for the better and making it extraordinary.’  When we should open our eyes and our minds to the fact that while we are waiting for that ‘one moment, that one thing, that one person, that one job’,  life is in fact,  passing us by. Stop waiting and start living! Stop waiting for that mythical change to make your life more special because your happiness in this life depends on you and only you.

So as I look at my hardworking and ever diligent girl-child and even the x-man with his always compassionate heart I wish I could imprint it on their minds. Life is here, life is now. Grab every moment, every memory, every chance to do something great, every bit of happiness you can get but NEVER EVER at the detriment of someone else.

There you have it, I am a closet sentimental old git. Tearing up for nothing, crying buckets full when watching a sad movie, sniffing when the brats get praised at school or by friends, funerals we don’t even mention here!! Well, my kids could have and would have warned you if they had the opportunity. hehe.

I am contemplating investing in a time machine so I can go back into the past and relive my kid’s childhoods as I feel I have forgotten half of everything since they were born. Am I the only mom feeling that way? It’s just that time feels like it’s slipping by too fast, the hourglass is emptying at an alarming rate. My shattered nerves. One of these days my girl-child will fly the coop and I am already looking for ways to deal with that. Already looking for ways to protect my fragile heart. If you know of a remedy pop me a mail, maybe we can bottle it and get rich. 🙂






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