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Teens, messy kitchens and dirty mugs

Teens, messy kitchens and dirty mugs

These days I am in a current state of tug-of-war of not wanting my kids to ever leave home and wanting them to leave so my house can just be neat and clean for a short while. #gasp Yes I said it, sometimes I wish/dream of a clean, tidy house. Now I know I will be judged for that but I am not wishing my kids away, sometimes I just wish that what I have taught them over the years will kick in for a change and that they can leave a room without having it look like a bomb hit the place. However I am becoming more and more convinced I can forget about it in my lifetime.

My morning journey after the kids have left the house, X-man for school and the girl-child now to her au-pair job goes like this;

I have waited for the quiet of the house to settle down around me already at work since I’ve opened my eyes and now in desperate need of some coffee. But…. as I enter the kitchen, and believe you me….this is like a morning ritual…

I start at; closing the pantry doors, pushing in the chairs at the kitchen counter. Wiping said counter from crumbs and taking the plate and cups to the sink, putting the milk and the margarine back in the fridge, take the milk out again remembering my coffee, put the mayonnaise jar away in the pantry, the bread in the bread-bin. Returning with a cloth to wipe down the counter where the kettle is positioned so I can make my longed for cup of coffee and return to my work. Ha, dream on I am far from done I still need to throw away the eggshells from the X-man’s breakfast and put the pan in the sink….. this story is not done but I am sure you get the picture. From entering the kitchen for a cup of coffee to being back in front of my computer is like trekking through the desert to another country to first get the coffee beans as in my house there is NO let’s just quickly get a cup of coffee. It has over the past few years evolved in a case of I am too scared to enter the kitchen in the morning.

I sit dumbfounded and wonder how did this happen? My kids have had chores since very young and they know how to pack away, clean after them, throw stuff in the bin. Fellow moms I speak to though share my frustration. It sometimes feels like nothing I teach them sticks in their brains. Then immediately after thinking that I look out the window and see my boy have made sure all the trash bags and the black bin is on the pavement ready for collection. wtf???? How sweet is that? No no no! One good deed does not make twenty mornings of dirty kitchens in a row undone! :p

I am starting to think it is a mind-game they are playing with us, convinced they do this on purpose to test our reactions or perhaps I am wrong and they are giving it NO thought at all being teenagers with the world evolving only around themselves that is probably the truth. The girl-child is far from innocent in this, she will pass the laundry basket several times a day, only taking what she needs and leave the rest. The dishes will stack in her room until I call halt and say “It’s time!”, but for that matter her room is always neat and her bed always made, something not even her mother can always say. (blush)

Lunchboxes is a sore point in our house, one that is best avoided and for that said reason I avoid going into the X-man’s room fully knowing what I will find…. each and every lunchbox he has so vehemently denied seeing for the past day, week or month. OMW I cannot explain the frustration. I console myself there will come a day that this too shall pass.

There will come a day when the kitchen counters will sparkle, the laundry basket empty, the coffee cups in their place, an empty kitchen sink with crockery and cutlery for two, the milk, mayonnaise and margarine all in their place. A day when I will wish for this morning ritual missing my two brats that I love more than life no matter how mad they make me.

However until that day arrives you will probably find me in the kitchen every morning, closing pantry doors, swearing and huffing and puffing whilst clearing up with the kettle quietly boiling in the background.

Such is life. We want what we can’t have and when we have what we wanted we don’t want it anymore.

Karolien x





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