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The House Swap by Rebecca Fleet – Book Review by Liza from books.books.books

Caroline and Francis have been having problems in the last few years and are desperately trying to claw back some form of normal family life for the sake of their young son, Eddie.

They receive an offer to house swap and they jump at the chance to be away from their stressful home life for a week – just the two of them. Upon arrival they find the house very stark and bleak but put it down to the owner not wanting strangers to go through their personal possessions. The few personal touches that are there seem innocent to Francis but to Caroline they all hold some form of reminder. The specific flowers in the vase, the cd left in the cd player, the cologne in the bathroom cupboard – these are all things that only one person will know about Caroline. A person she wants to leave in the past.

The scary thought is that that person is now wandering around her home.

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