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Time is a Killer by Michel Bussi – Book Review by Liza from books.books.books

Clotilde returns to Corsica for the first time in 27 years. The last time she was there was as a 15 year old teenager visiting her father’s family – and she was the sole survivor of a car crash. Her mother, father and brother died that day after the red Fuego broke through the barrier and plunged down the cliff.

She returns to the camp site where she used to spend her childhood holidays with her husband and teenage daughter. Clotilde wants to visit her paternal grandparents once more and try and reach out to her sulky daughter and show her the idyllic countryside she used to love. Just after they arrive Clo receives a mysterious note in what looks like her dead mother’s handwriting. These mysterious notes keep appearing and she starts wondering if it was really her mother’s body at the crash scene. The story alternates between the diary entries of 15 year old Clotilde and the present day 42 year old confident lawyer Clotilde has become.

There is lots of intrigue. In the past there was the young woman, Maria-Chjara, all the boys at the camp site were lusting after, including Clotilde’s brother, Nicholas. Present day, Maria-Chjara is now an established singer but feigns any knowledge of having known Nicholas. There is a dog named Pacha, whose name holds a special meaning for Clotilde’s long dead mother.

It all comes to a head in the lead up to the 27th anniversary of the crash.

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