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Too Much or Too Little?….by the X-man (aged 14)

As a fourteen year-old boy, when I see all these kids, (some younger than I ),walk out of a tech shop with a brand new Xbox one or Playstation 4 ,I am confused. I wonder to myself ,where did they get the money to buy the console? Many of my friends have numerous consoles, and I have asked them how they are able to get all that money.The most common answer is chores, while some of them said birthday money. I asked them this because I went out and checked all the prices on the consoles that they had, and it added up to tens of thousands of rands. Then I asked them what chores they do and this is the list of so-called “chores”: clean their rooms,pick up dog poop,and,once in a blue moon, unpack the dishwasher. All the friends I asked gave these answers. Please tell me how these children get hundreds of rands every week for those three chores? These are all my chores that I have to do every day: clean my room, ocassionally pick up dog poo,unpack the dishwasher, sometimes even wash the dishes, clean the kitchen counters, vacuum, wash the car,clean the bathroom, and mop the floors.When I get paid for, it I know I deserve it. So with that all said, I can’t really tell you how to treat your children, but just consider what I wrote here the next time you hand out payments for “chores”.


By: Xander de kock



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