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Tripping down Memory Lane – Laaiplek /Velddrif

Tripping down Memory Lane – Laaiplek /Velddrif

As I looked at my Facebook Memories this morning, incidentally one of my FAVORITE things about the app, I realized something. I’m more than just an island girl. I’ve actually been in quite a few places in my life and I’ve got some awesome pics to share. Photos that no one really gets to enjoy anymore as they are so deep into the archives of my profile.

Browsing through my 1000’s of photos I thought I might just as well share them with you. I might just show you some places in South Africa that you’ve never seen or been or perhaps a place that holds a fond memory. One never knows.

They won’t all be too recent but it will be a wonderful trip down memory lane. ☺️ I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

I’m starting this trip down memory lane with a Sunday visit to the parents in the West Coast. We were visiting my parents in Laaiplek, Velddrif during July 2018 and it being such a beautiful winters day we went for a walk sans the kids.

As my parents live within walking distance from the Bergriver it was an obvious choice and a great favorite of mine to visit with my camera.

This is the Bergriver which runs through a big part of the Western Cape (check map below) from Franschhoek to Laaiplek and also feeds some of the local dams. The Bergriver runs into the ocean at Laaiplek and creates a natural small harbor where the fishing boats lay moored.

The map photo I found on www.realsearch.net credit to Cate Brown

Laaiplek and Velddrif is mainly a small fishing town but has now become quite a popular tourist destination with it’s beautiful scenery and being situated between the Bergriver and the beautiful but icy cold Atlantic Ocean.

Centuries old jetties where local fisherman used to tie up their boats. Many of these properties now belong to wealthy holiday makers.

Some of the jetties are still in use but others are quite unsafe to walk on. But they are still beautiful in essence and makes for stunning images of days gone by.

The name Laaiplek was derived from the woord ‘laai’ which means ‘to load’ and ‘plek’ which means ‘place’ so in essence it was a good place for the boats to offload their catch.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me today and that you will join me on this journey every Sunday. ❤️

All photos my own unless otherwise stated.

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