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Verlange: translated as miss, desire or longing for….

Verlange: translated as miss, desire or longing for….


Sitting here tonight wracking my brains for the English equivalent of the Afrikaans word ‘verlange’ which basically means missing someone but it doesn’t carry quite the same weight and not being able to find the correct description of exactly what I am trying to say.

Using Google and checking a few different sources the only options I could come up with is the following:   the word ‘verlange’ is translated as : desire, long for, wish, longing for something or someone.

Well I think anyone of us will agree that there are certain words in any specific language that just doesn’t bear translation well.  Because tonight I want to say that I have a longing for hubby that surpasses a normal missing of a person, it’s my hearts desire that he is here close to me within touching distance.

But not the word longing, missing or desire or wish for can adequately describe my feelings. In Afrikaans I would say ‘ ek het ‘n gemis aan my’ which would describe a deep longing for something or someone specific.

Tonight I am missing my man, I am longing for his company and his touch, I desire to look in his eyes and I wish for him to be next to me. Three months and counting has taken it’s toll and I am now counting the hours until his return which is hopefully later this week.

My good cheer have left me and my humor has left the building. Life is just not quite as good without him by my side. He’s my soulmate, my other half, my partner in crime, my nemesis, my best friend, my muse, my conscience at time, my soundboard, the father of my kids.

We met when I was 14 and he stayed on the periphery of my life as I was finishing high-school and our paths crossed again properly when I was 17. Our friendship was tight as anything from day one and we knew we would get married some day even when we finally started dating when I was 19. I am now 40, going on 41 and he was 45 this past month. More than half my life I had spent with this guy. Almost 22 years not counting the years of friendship before that.

He is one of the most sensitive men I know, loving nature, loving animals and filled with compassion for other’s plight in life. He can see the wonder in all living things and will point out even the smallest of things of beauty to myself and the kids.

I could do almost anything and he would forgive me for it. We’ve had our ups and downs and if I had to sit and count the amount of bags of salt we’ve worked through I would still be here next month. That is part of life and even those times are precious in hindsight if only in the ways it forged our relationship and our love for one another.

Perfect he ain’t, I can name but a few things that can grate on my nerves, even when he hasn’t been home for weeks on end and finally gets to spend some time with us, his family. But you know what, just in recent years growing older and hopefully more mellow over time, I have finally realized that it’s not worth fighting about habits that is so part of someone, one would never be able to change and without it they probably won’t be the same. I mean, in all fairness, I can be quite the hard-ass myself and probably just as annoying when I feel like it. 😉

No relationship is ever perfect but we’ve had more than our fair share of perfect moments up to now. More recently our ‘second honeymoon’ in Mauritius which actually counts as our only honeymoon as we never had one the first time around. We are fortunate in the fact that we don’t need a party of people to make a party, we are very content only with each other’s company and can easily spend days on end together doing anything from cooking, working in the garden, walking, talking, exploring or just sitting reading a book in silent companionship.

Point is, very few people meet the ‘one’, that special person that knows what you are thinking by just looking at you, that person that finishes your sentences for you.  That one person that knows exactly what you want without you having to say it, we can look at something and have the same thought about how it’s going to play out. That one person who knows you better than you know yourself.

If you are blessed enough, yes I say blessed as the word ‘lucky’ just doesn’t cut it. Because if you have that special someone in your life you would know when you miss them, the words miss, long for, wish for, or desire does not even come close to describing that empty space in your heart, your mind and your life when they are not around. Hold on to them dearly. Don’t let them go. I know I won’t. <3


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