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Last week I saw Karlien from Polkadot request of her FB friends to come forward and join in a morning of ‘fun modeling’ white on white pieces for her Polkadot clothing range’s summer brochure.

My first thought was to bypass the post and scroll on as I haven’t felt comfortable in front of a camera since I was 18 years old wearing midget size 30. Currently though I am very much at odds with my 42 year old slightly overweight body and I haven’t fitted into a size 30 in recent years. It is a somewhat sensitive issue as I have a teenage daughter and I am trying extremely hard not to carry my bad body image issues over to her. Not an easy task. So looking at this FB post my first thought was “hell no”! However, as I scrolled past I felt a tug to go back and add my name to the group of ladies whom have already offered their services. Having met Karlien before I have seen and liked the items she designs when I saw it showcased at a previous function so I felt quite comfortable in the knowledge that she designs extremely flattering pieces of clothing.

In the mean time I learned that friend Judy from @Fun Mamma SA also signed up for this project and I knew there was some fun coming our way whether the modeling excursion was successful or not. True story from the word go as we had a lot of catching up to do since our last meet. Whenever you have two mom bloggers in the same room or for that matter car, you can be assured of witty remarks and often a bit off colour jokes. The rest of what happened in the car will stay in the car as there are just some funnies that you cannot put into words to explain.

On arrival at Nellie Franken from the Kids2000 modeling agency’s  house we were effusively welcomed and made to feel at home. First order of the afternoon was to change into dressing gowns which caused much giggling and some ‘before’ selfies in the bathroom to record the makeup-less faces and messy hair. After our bathroom shenanigans we were settled into the comfy leather seats with the awesome Marina hovering over us spoiling us with a mini facial, mask and more from the Amway/Artistry makeup range!

Once our faces were prepped we moved on to the stunning makeup lady Susan, Karlien’s business partner and expert makeup artist whom turned us from plain janes into beautiful glam Hollywood girls worthy of a modeling shoot. During all this we were having enormous fun chatting to the other ladies at the event, getting to know some new people and swopping anecdotes and laughing out loud at each other’s stories. Lots of blogging content for both myself and Judy as we were determined that this was a lovely something to blog about. When bloggers mom model, model moms start blogging as this is so far out of our normal day to day it deserves to be written up in the archives of our lives.

Having been beautified, hair done, makeup and lippies looking good we were one by one ushered into the room where Karlien’s expert photographer hubby was waiting to make us look absolutely glam in Karlien’s awesome clothing range. Not once did I feel uncomfortable or self-conscious in front of the camera as he constantly strived to make us laugh and relax and forget about the camera which is a difficult feat in itself. Not only is he a fantastic photographer it was extremely impressive how well he know’s he’s wife’s designs and which items and accessories would be more suitable to each specific ‘model’, very refreshing as I know many men whom cannot be bothered about stuff like that.

The Polkadot range of clothes are unique in the sense that it is a very versatile range that can be swopped out with several pieces. The range comprises many different facets from flowy tops and pants to light jackets and bum wraps for those of us that are self-conscious about tight fitting clothes. Polkadot clothing range suits any body type, whether you are rake-thin or a fuller figure. I personally loved some of the very flowy tops, the almost ‘denimy’ type of white pants I got to model as well as the stunning floor-length white dress. Let’s just say…. I feel a Polkadot shopping trip coming up in my near future!!

In the mean time I cannot wait to see our photos from the shoot that will be used in the Polkadot brochure. A stunning white on white ensemble look which depicts purity, simplicity and just downright beautiful.
In retrospect I am very happy that I happened across Karlien’s FB request and after having so much fun playing model in her beautiful clothes I made her promise to contact me again in future for joining in the fun again.

All in all it’s been a lovely experience and I walked away from it feeling spoiled, feeling beautiful and for the first time in a long time excited to see photos of myself. Final thoughts on this would be: live life, grab all the adventures you can, forget the size of your tummy or your ass and just have fun! In the bigger picture size really doesn’t matter, it’s about how much fun you had doing it and what value it added to your life.

Thanks to Karlien, Susan, Marina, Andre and whomever else was involved in making us feel like a thousand dollars for a few hours.

Make-up from Artistry

Jewelry from Joolz

Clothes from https://www.facebook.com/polkadotclothes/

Venue Kids2000


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