Entitled Much

Entitled Much

Did I raise my kids to be entitled? Hell no! I am super convinced that is the one thing I tried to avoid whilst raising them.

So how did the little buggers get to the point where instant gratification is a thing in their lives. That moment that the CANNOT sit back and wait for something to happen, for something to be handed to them, to go somewhere and do something. and so forth?

This morning I watched a super powerful clip about instant gratification by Simon Sinek and it got me thinking. If I as a mother tried my best to avoid instant gratification syndrome with my kids how is it that they sometimes still display these notions at times? Probably because they often don’t have to wait for stuff to happen as with the click of a button a lot can be done and quickly too.


believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.
“kids who feel so entitled and think the world will revolve around them” · “his pompous, entitled attitude”

The only deduction that I can come to is that despite my hard work they are still true and typical millennial teenagers  although they would beg to differ as the girlchild insists that she is a generation z and NOT a millennial. mmmmm I am not sure.

This brings up the ever popular nurture versus nature and now I am going to sprout a load of crap as I have not a clue so I was just kidding. Not going there!! I have long forgotten what I have learnt about that topic during my studies so I won’t pretend to have a professional opinion.

What my head tells me is that I tried my best to teach my kids that all good things are worth waiting for and no; You can’t get that toy, sweet, game etc now, you have to wait. Money does not grow on trees. For the most part it seemed to have worked but there are times that they forget what they have been taught and displays the typical impatient nature of the average teenager and they have to have something NOW!!

I think we can teach our kids whatever we want, however we want to but they are still hugely shaped by the people, experiences and things around them. Life has a way of shaping them irrespective of the lessons and values we teach them. One can only hope and pray that the true values taught by us will eventually emerge and overpower the more shallow ones they pick up in their daily lives.

This is my humble opinion. One can but try, now the rest is up to my kids. I am going to try and believe that they are just acting like ‘normal’ teenagers and not like entitled spoilt brats because that’s not really what they are. They are in essence good kids with good values and a mostly patient nature. I often look at other teens and think how much worse it could have been.

Having worked as a teacher these past 8 years I have certainly seen lots of really entitled kids some as young as three and four years old. Parents that give in to handing littlies like that toys like expensive cellphones, I-pads and tablets certainly doesn’t help. Yes I am judgmental about issues like that and I don’t care who knows. I was 30 when I got my first tablet, why does a three year old need one??? Let me tell you why, to keep them busy and occupied so they don’t hassle the poor tired parents.  And I have had those same said parents just smile indulgingly. Our world has definitely taken a turn for the worse where the entitlement issue is concerned.

One can only pray that our children get through these times unscathed and more conscious of these issues as it is our job to educate them and teach them that you need to work for stuff and you have to work hard at relationships, your job and loads of other things in life. It does not just gets handed to you on a silver plate.

I for one will keep instilling these values in my children as long as they will still allow me to.

Go in peace!

Karolien <3

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