To lunch or not to lunch…Part one of the bloggers lunch, by Karolien


Ever wondered what happens when a few blogging moms get together for lunch?15400380_1198919713526519_8428664211659842706_n

Unfortunately I cannot tell because what happened at lunch needs to stay at lunch as telling would be like cheating. 😉

What I can say is that we had a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of bellyache laughs. Pity the ones that couldn’t join us for the event as it surely was their loss.

Planned this lunch with a lot of trepidation as one isn’t always sure when inviting people over that you don’t know all that well. But, with 20/20 hindsight, I can say with confidence that my worry was for nothing as once we were settled with a drink, and not all had wine although some had;  and perhaps at the end of lunch more of their fair share but once again, not telling! 😉

What did follow was a couple of hours of total relaxation with lots of jokes and story sharing and laughing until the tears ran. I personally have had a pretty rough week with school breaking up; having had quite a few commitments to finish off before I can totally relax, today marking the last of the official year end lunches. And such a rewarding one it turned out to be although our promised red velvet cupcakes never made it to the party as our fellow blogger couldn’t make it due to being ill. 🙁  More the pity, although the Malva pudding brought by yet another fellow blogger more than made up for it even though the pouring cream…..well , to tell the truth…wasn’t pouring. 🙂  Not that it affected the taste, you had to be there to get the joke. We were there so we will in future always giggle when using ‘pouring cream’ methinks.

Today for me, was like winning the lottery. Totally unexpected kinship with two other wonderful ladies.  Worth more than all the money in the world to be able to sit around the table with them and share snippets of our lives as we sipped our drinks and enjoyed our lunch.

If you weren’t there you probably wouldn’t understand and after today we share a few inside jokes that would definitely be referred to again in future to other’s frustration.

The really nice part is that all three of us are such totally different people with such different perspectives on life which means we had a plethora of things and experiences to talk about that was the same in many ways but also different.

I really think that days like these are like gold dust to be squirreled away as feel good memories because  we often don’t make enough time for ourselves as mothers to enjoy an hour or two with other woman, irrespective whether they are your best friends or not. What we should be doing is to arrange lunches like these more often, relax more often, and laugh more often.

More time for ourselves whilst hubby takes care of the kids for a bit and deal with the feeding, caring, tantrums and trying to keep them busy whilst making lunch or supper or trying to catch a call. In Afrikaans we have a saying, ‘jou beurt is jou beurt’, basically just meaning that each one needs to take a turn. Which as we as mothers all know does not happen nearly often enough. That said, not many men are man enough to take charge of the kids for a whole afternoon whilst mommy is out to lunch. Hats off to the dads that do! We appreciate you loads!

I can happily say between the three of us we were kids free today being able to just have fun and let our hair down that little bit. My brats being older, were around, hovering over the food every now and then and bringing out stuff from the kitchen when mom put in a request or two, but knowing very well to stay on the periphery whilst mom is having friends over for lunch. They did make sure they got a piece of the pudding for their assistance at the end of the lunch. Smart kids, what can I say.  🙂

Today marked the end of a long week, a long month, and even longer term of commitments that have been done and dealt with, ending it in such a style was lovely and extremely rewarding, evoking some heart warming emotions which is something we all need more of. 15337534_1198920086859815_894418158493141143_n

So next time you need to let your hair down and need some help doing so, phone the Planet Mom bloggers. We will gladly assist and join you in a feel good ladies lunch with lots of laughter and jokes. If not us, phone a friend or two and arrange your time off with hubby taking care of the kids for a bit. It won’t kill you to take some time for yourself, you might just find that extra little bit of motivation to carry on with life on your planet.

Until next time.

Kay xx





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