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A Million Junes by Emily Henry – book review by Liza from books.books.books

This is a modern day Romeo & Juliet. It’s the story of a daughter and a son of two feuding families who fall in love while trying their best not to.

Jack ‘June’ O’Donnell is 18 years old and since she was a baby has heard the story of their family’s curse and how they must stay away from the Angerts. Twenty year old Saul Angert has recently returned to his hometown and literally bumps into June at the carnival’s House of Mirrors. June is intrigued and finds that despite Saul’s outer gruff and sarcastic shell there is something that keeps drawing her to him.

They try to find out more about the century old family rift but the remaining family are tight lipped about what actually happened. All they know is that part of the curse revolves around the death of June’s father and Saul’s twin sister. There is magic, ghosts and white feathers that show them Moments. Moments are various memories, both happy and sad from their past as well as their families past. Saul and June try to find a way to stop the curse that has been dogging their family for four generations.

A YA read.

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