Battered and Bruised

Battered and Bruised

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Battered and Bruised 

Beaten blue

The one you trust

Is the one handing out the hurt

Battered and bruised




Too scared to talk

To scared to leave

Who is going to believe

The stories you have to tell

A punch bag

A target

For rage


Nowhere to go

Nowhere to hide

To scared to speak out

Battered and bruised 

Who do you trust 

Who do you tell 

There’s a ‘sorry’ 

A; ‘it won’t happen again’ 

Perhaps not even that 

You stay out of fear

For where shall you go 

Battered and bruised

This is not a life

It’s a prison cell with no escape 

No one can help

Until you take the first step 

From the darkness of hell

Battered and bruised 

Your mind and body misused

My heart ache for you 

I don’t know what to do 

Battered and bruised 

Making excuses for the fool 

Out of love and misguided loyalty 

While you fear for the next burst of insanity 

You’re battered and bruised 

Please get out now

Otherwise I don’t know how

It happens once, twice not again

Then it becomes the norm, it becomes your life

Battered and bruised

I see the pain behind your eyes 

I feel so helpless 

I want to save you 

But you keep going back 

You keep believing there will be no more 

Although you’re proven wrong time after time

You’re battered and bruised 

Too scared to escape 

You try to hide your pain. 

Although it’s there for the world to see

As we witness what shouldn’t be

Battered and bruised 

You hide your pain from us

Ashamed for something that’s should never have been

Your body hurts 

Your mind goes mad

How can life be this sad

I pray for you to be ok

I’ll be waiting for you to reach out and ask for help 

Be careful, be safe, speak out this truth so the world can see. 


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