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Scrumptious Pancakes

Scrumptious Pancakes Ingredients 250ml (1cup) Cake flour 5ml Baking Powder 2.5ml Salt 2 Eggs 180ml Milk +- 15o ml Water 5 ml Lemon Juice / White Vinegar 100 ml Sunflower Oil Extra Oil for baking Sprinkling: 125 ml Sugar 10 ml Cinnamon Method 1. Sift dry ingredients together 2. Beat the eggs, milk, water and …

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Prawn Curry – Karolien

The story behind this curry. This is an amended recipe as I started with the fish curry recipe that Pam from Pam’s Kitchen and Deli showed us but it sort of morphed into my own version as I am not a keen fish eater. As a result I decided to replace the fish with prawns. …

My Recipes

Scrumptious Carrot Cake

The original recipe is from TUIS GEBAK by Carolie de Koster but I’ve made my own adjustments throughout the years. This is MY version of the original recipe.   200 g Sugar 3 eggs 250 ml sunflower oil 500 ml of grated carrots 170 g (350 ml ) cake flour 7 ml baking powder 1 …