This book has topped the US and UK bestseller lists for the past few weeks and Tomi Adeyemi is toted to be the next JK Rowling.
The ruthless king of Orisha has banished magic and all adults with powers were rounded up and killed using special swords made out of majacite. Majacite weakens anyone with magic running through their veins. This meant that magic died on that fateful night eleven years ago called The Raid. Only a few people from the 10 different clans still have this hidden magical talent. ZΓ©lie is one such person – she was only six years old when her mother was killed.
Now ZΓ©lie has a chance to bring back magic to her people and strike down the royal family. However, she needs to find certain items before magic can rise again. With the help of rogue princess, Amari, ZΓ©lie and her brother go on an amazing journey.
If you enjoy a bit of magic in your life then this is the perfect book to enjoy with your teenager. Who says YA books are only for teenagers!