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End of school year goodbyes….by Kay

keep-calm-and-go-on-holiday-412Saying goodbye is never easy so much more when it’s end of term and you have to greet 20 little ones who’ve spent the greater part of the past year by your side, under your feet, on your lap or even on your nerves at times. 😉

Point is, one gets so attached to them that as the end of the year approaches they are almost like your own. Contemplating that fact this afternoon whilst sending messages out to all the parents with some last minute thank you’s for the awesome gifts and spoils I once again came to the conclusion that I don’t like saying goodbye at all.

Kids have a weird way of growing on you during the course of the year. They come in all different shapes and sizes and often at the beginning of the year bonding with some comes easier than with others. But let that not fool you as by the end of the year bonding is completed with all 20 of them.

Sometimes they drive us up the wall, other times we feel like taking them home and adopting them they’re so damn cute.  This year I was lucky to have a fairly cohesive class, sounds funny to used the word cohesive? Cohesive in this case meaning a class that has bonded fairly well and is not out to kill one another at all times.

We worked hard and we played hard this year. I am proud to say that our 20 little ones have worked really hard and have grown phenomenally this past year. Get this…if one of your pupils are disappointed on the last day of school that we haven’t actually done any work for the day…I was hysterical as we just had a last farewell party in the class celebrating the end of their time with this teacher and ready to move on to the next one.

Is there ever a goodbye that doesn’t make you sad? We’ve had a year, indelible on my mind maybe not so much on theirs as they are only 5 years old and many other memories will eventually push the memory of 2016 spent in the Orange Class to the back of their brains. It is a sad phenomena but unfortunately the way of life. One can only hope that you have made some part of an impact on their lives that will influence them positively in future.

I am a life lessons person, I like teaching in stereo and using real life scenario’s to help kids understand and my vanity requests that these kids will remember me always. After all,  I was their teacher for the greater part of this year. 😉 We have experimented, we googled, we drew pictures, we danced, we sang, we painted, we laughed, we read stories, we played, we listened to one another’s news, we learnt and we loved.

Because without love in your heart you cannot teach.

You cannot bond with your class, you cannot hear them or teach them as they will feel the lack of love and will not experience life at school as it should be. Happy, carefree, secure, curious, safe within our boundaries. I would like to think this year we managed to get the balance right. Love there was ample of. Patience sometimes ran out and loud words were used when things got out of hand or ears weren’t working as they should.

But now.  At the end of the day, at the end of the term, at the end of the year. One cannot help but look back and remember the fun parts, the filled with laughter parts, the enjoying each other parts.

Am I still sad? Yes and no. Its been a long year, I am grateful that we have reached the end as one simply cannot push on when the kids and the teacher are equally exhausted. I am sad to lose the ones I have had this past year but I wish for them all the blessings possible for the next phase in their lives.

Filled with trepidation for what’s waiting in 2017 but will make a conscious effort to shelve that thought until January so the Festive season can pass in relative stress-freeness. What’s not helping is the call from a mother to remind me that next year is going to be a tough one with her little one in my class, said with some empathy I am hope, quietly ignoring the cackling in the background.  What can I say? Putting my head in the sand for now sounds good..Next year brings it’s own worries, no need to mess up a good holiday! 🙂

I will keep to my mantra during the holidays..’my mother did not raise me to be scared of anything, my mother did not raise me to be scared of anything..my mother……etc etc etc

Till the next time!


*dedicated to the Orange class of 2016

Nia, Lenese, Lienka, Marne, Divan, Brandon, Noah,Jacques, Stephaan, Wiehan, Christian, Joshua, Lourens, Liam, Cullan, Shevano, Kian, Julian, Joel, Elijah





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