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Favorite things

Favorite things

I’ve been enticed into a 31 day photo challenge for January by a friend and yesterday’s challenge no 5 was ‘a favorite thing’. It’s day 6… I still haven’t posted.

The assignment had me thinking. What is my favorite thing? Having just relocated overseas this is a very interesting question. Having packed up our house into boxes ready for storage for months I was super emotional, panicking anew with each item I picked up, touched or looked at. Suddenly I was incapable of making choices.

Wrapping stuff accumulated over a span of 24 years for storage was one of the hardest things for me to do. I have moved plenty times over the years but never has it been as hard as this move. Everything in my house is my favorite thing, everything chosen with care, every item special with a memory attached.

Because it was so hard to choose I packed according to six categories that I created for myself.

  1. Throw away
  2. Give away on free-cycle
  3. Sell
  4. Put in storage
  5. Leave with friends/family
  6. Pack to take to Mauritius

Now.  Clearing out and packing according to these seems quite simple doesn’t it? But it isn’t. Because the mushy, sentimental me wants to keep EVERYTHING and the practical side of me knew it was impossible. I had to choose, I had to throw away, I had to give away, I had to sell and lastly, I had to put everything left over in storage and just hope for the best.

Bearing in mind that packing your favorite thing when you are relocating and grabbing your favorite thing whilst your house is burning down is probably two separate issues but also the same. I spent most of yesterday thinking whether I would have grabbed the same stuff if my house was busy burning down which I so carefully chose to accompany me to Mauritius to make our new house feel like a home. The conclusion: probably not. Not knowing where we’ll be living permanently for the foreseeable future I chose to leave my super special and super sentimental things in storage where I know them to be relatively safe until we decide where we’ll be settling. It wasn’t easy.

I chose to bring a lot of familiar household items, photos and knick-knacks or like we would say in Afrikaans: kaggelkakkies. Things that would make the place our own.

Baggage limitations on flights make it extra hard to decide what to take with as on most flights to Mauritius one is only allowed to take 2 x 23 kg’s and hand luggage of 7 kg (which I grossly exceeded I am ashamed to say). I was forever grateful for *SAA’s extra baggage policy which means that each of us could bring 3 extra bags of 23 kg’s at the mere cost of an extra R250 per bag! Score!!!  This meant that the X-man and I flew in with a colossal 115 kg each excluding our on-board luggage weight which we will discreetly keep to ourselves. 😉

My conclusion is that we have at least two types of favorite things. Things that we take with us to remind us of home and things that we’ll save first in a fire, the two not necessarily going to be the same. The favorite things that I brought with me would probably come second in the fire situation but it will suffice for now knowing my favorite favorite things are safely in storage.

So back to favorite thing for the photo assignment? Still haven’t decided. Still have to take the photo. Will have to make a plan today! 🙂



*Please always check with the airlines before trusting my personal info. These facts were true when we used South African Airways but their policies might have changed in the mean time.

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