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Fly against the wall….part 4 of the Breakfast Blogs….by the Girlchild

Against my better judgement, I decided to join my mom at the bloggers’ breakfast. I had a feeling that, as an innocent child, I would not be able to relate to their conversations. But, I knew my chance of getting free food would be higher if I tagged along. At least it meant that I didn’t have to join my dad and brother for their long walk. Why do that when you can have food instead? As we drove by the uncomfortably lifelike giraffe on the corner, I could feel that it would definitely be a topic at the table. To my absolute delight, it was.

 Once we finally sat down, after moving the table no less than three times, the laughter started to roll in.Many times my ears had to be covered, as certain topics resulted in some very illustrative language being used and some effusive story-telling. Luckily, however, I managed to make a friend. The friend, as many of my others, came in the shape of a very beautiful and fluffy cat. He seemed to enjoy our company and made it clear that he also deserved some of the yummy snacks.

Now, for someone who loves eating about as much as they love sleeping, the table looked magnificent. Beautiful presentation. Not that it mattered , as much of the food was gobbled up in minutes. We even had some *cough* “home-made” red-velvet cupcakes, which we found out was actually purchased at a nice little place close by. Not that anyone minded, as everyone’s face was too stuffed.

Although I approached the situation with much trepidation, I did end up enjoying myself. I appreciated being able to hear new stories and learning about these really amazing women. There were some pretty cringe-worthy stories and jokes, but all were received with much excitement and giggles. I am grateful for the experience, despite my grumbling.

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