Island life & Beauty Routines

Island life & Beauty Routines

Firstly I want to say that I am NOT a skin routine or brand name fanatic and I will not apologize for it…I am who I am.

Having said that; before island life and now whilst enjoying island life I have noticed some definite changes in my skin’s condition. Apart from the fact that we now obviously spend an insane amount of time in the sun living on a tropical island, the heat and humidity play a huge role in drying out one’s skin.

The upside is that if you do it the right way one can boast with a year-round tan if you are careful to do so in a controlled way. That goes without saying that you should always cover up your face when doing this because the downside is you cannot really reverse sun damage in your face once you have it.

Living on an island, sunscreen and hats should be at the order of the day and always on hand when leaving your home. Tropical island sun can be a bitch to the skin so beware.

When I was much younger and before kids when I could still afford expensive skin products I used to buy the best I could afford at that time but once the kiddos arrived that was something of the past as funds were redirected towards tins of milk and disposable nappies….yes I know…disposables aren’t good for the environment but back then in the stone-age cloth, diapers were not as big a thing as it is nowadays.

The bottom-line is that my skincare routine dwindled to a basic soap and whichever day cream and night cream I could afford. Don’t judge….. our grandmothers used much less and they were just fine. I’m afraid we’ve become slightly product and brand name conscious and I have it on good authority from the horse’s mouth (an ex-employee from a huge cosmetics company) that no amount of expensive face creams will make you look younger. According to tests they have done over the course of three years ANY cream is good as long as you are using something!!

I am happy to say as long as I have a moisturizer, any moisturizer I am happy! I do have a couple of other products I try and use regularly as I am nearly 43 and long past the fresh-faced 21-year old I used to be but I don’t fall into a depression if my budget doesn’t allow something more expensive or name brand like.

Since being on the island I do try and take more care as we are in the sun more often and my skin definitely needs a bit more care now.

So what do I use?

Seeing that skin products are quite expensive in Mauritius I buy an inexpensive cream to use at night and I boost it with the Marula & Pomegranate oil that I purchased from Cape Town Balance end of last year before I left Cape Town.

We’ve also discovered an amazing range of face masks from ‘The Solution’ which is very reasonably priced at around Rs55 each (in the region of R21 each). They come in a whole array of different options like Propolis, Bamboo, Almond, Lemon, Shea butter and plenty more. These I buy in multiples and use them at least once a week to nourish my skin.

A ‘Balance Cape Town’ product

On a daily basis, I’ll use my Dove Soap and some makeup remover when needed although wearing make-up on the island is a bit of a joke as you sweat it off faster than you can apply it. I use a scrub once a week as well, just to get rid of the nasties and have recently discovered Noor Beach Spa down the road from where we live. I now visit them regularly for some threading of the eyebrows and upper lip.


Of course a beautiful skin is much more than the products we use.

Some steps to follow:

  1. Drink your 2 liters of water every day (yes I also forget but try and set a reminder or something!)
  2. Take note of your alcohol consumption
  3. Stay out of the sun or wear a hat and make sure you slather on the sunscreen. I am NEVER without sunscreen ever!
  4. Eat your veggies and avoid the starchy products that makes one feel bloated
  5. Drink less coffee
  6. Do some regular exercise….I don’t but don’t be like me!

On that note, I’ll leave you to contemplate your beauty routine and if you have any favorites, well-priced products or beauty hacks you use please leave a comment! I would love to hear from you. In the meantime; take care!

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  1. Hi Karolien
    Have a look at the page Annique Mauritius where we import all Annique products from SA at a reasonable price and suitable for this island climate.

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