Let’s go supping they said, it will be fun they said…

Let’s go supping they said, it will be fun they said…

I was recently talked into a supping lesson by new friend and owner of Aqua Blue situated here in Mauritius.

Let’s go supping she said….it will be fun she said…. I was a teeny bit skeptical if I have to be totally honest but being me I am always up for a challenge! 😉

Costumes on, towels and sunscreen packed as her hubby demonstrated to the two (blondes) of us exactly how to fasten the iSup onto the micra’s roof lying it flat over two sponge support blocks and fastening it with straps. Amidst much hilarity we promised him we knew exactly what to do….I made sure to pay attention because the last thing you want is for that expensive piece of sporting equipment to be flying off the roof of the car enroute to the beach.

Sup on car.. 😂

We set off to Mont Choisy main beach in high spirits with my nerves a little on edge as this is something I have never tried in my entire life! But when you live on an island where awesome weather is a given almost every day, one has to grab every opportunity to spend time outdoors, so I was determined to try supping at least once as I am debating whether I would like to purchase a sup or a kayak for future water sporting activities for myself and the family.

Nerves kicking in a bit.. 😂

Aqua Blue offers one the chance to rent the equipment for a day or two, so for me it was a perfect opportunity to try it out once or twice to help make up my mind.

Reaching the beach we untied the iSup and set up on the beach. Bonita helped me onto the sup and after falling off once or twice I was rowing myself up and down the side of the beach whilst standing on my knees laughing out loud over how silly I must have looked to the onlookers on the beach.

I’m on my knees.. 😂 This is hard!!!

Standing upright on the sup was a different story. I really thought I would find it a breeze as I’ve always had ‘sea-legs’ so to speak but boy oh boy was I wrong. I buckled and bent and shook like a leaf laughing my head off as I tried to keep my balance. I can honestly say I have never done something so hard in my life. I managed a few minutes upright, seemingly like a pro – NOT!!!; and then had a spectacular fall, flailing like a mad woman trying to stay upright but not managing. It was funny! For myself and certainly for those watching I am sure. I am not very elegant on the board I am afraid…

Before falling of very inelegantly… 😂

I was so weak with laughter and tiredness from trying to stay up that to my shame I couldn’t manage to get back on the board which meant I had to swim out pulling and pushing the board back to shore. I finally made it back and fell gratefully into a chair.

I tried a few more times after that but laughed too much to stay upright for too long. I’ve been, I’ve tried, I laughed so hard I cried…Supping is an awesome waters-port and I must say I am quite envious of the supping community that makes it look so easy and effortless. After my supping experience I think I might rather settle for a Kayak….But that will be a different story for another day….. 😉

One thing I can say, Bonita wasn’t lying! I might have decided supping is not my thing but the process of finding out was more fun than I’ve had in a long time.

If you live in Mauritius or visiting Mauritius be sure to visit their shop in Royal Road, Point Aux Cannoniers to buy, rent or just say hello. They have an amazing selection of equipment to choose from. They will welcome you and assist and advise according to your needs.

You can find them on FB https://www.facebook.com/aquabluemauritius/

Contact them on +230 5444 6462 or email on aquabluemauritius@gmail.com

Their shop in Point Aux Cannonier

Watch this space for my next adventure… 😂 Because there will be more. 😉

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