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Mauritius Diaries: Part 2……by Karolien

The adventure continues……..Accommodation: company house, Transport: company car aka “the blue peril” a tiny little blue car called a Nissan March, a forerunner of the Nissan Micra but not as comfortable trust me.

IMG_20170326_210419Driving in Mauritius is a dangerous sport as basically everyone just goes at full-speed all the times and your hooter is your most valued part of your car. Not a good combination for sensitive South Africans as the hooting starts grating on your nerves after the third or fourth time.  🙂  Not complaining though as going on the busses are much worse and renting or using a taxi can leave you well out of pocket and NO way was I risking life and limb on a scooter in that hideous traffic!! hehe 😉

By Saturday morning we’ve gotten rid of the rest of the housemates, ‘evil laughter’,  just joking!!  Two of the houseguests left on Friday to pursue some more interesting venues like the nightclubs and such, which is not really my idea of fun anymore and we have dropped the boss at the airport for an early morning flight therefore leaving us with the house to ourselves and the ‘blue peril’ as our accomplice.

We’ve only had early mornings and very late nights since my arrival and no rest in-between. Exploring is a must when one is on holiday in faraway places and exotic islands so no rest for the wicked. It’s go go go morning, noon and night.


After the very early airport run Saturday morning we kicked off with a coffee and sandwich at one of the malls. Let it be known, a mall, is a mall, is a mall wherever you go so nothing exciting there. Next, on the menu was the markets after a quick stop at the boat and boy was that fun. Annoying at times with stall vendors harassing one with wares thrust in your face trying to convince you that their junk is the best junk to buy. I mean honestly, markets are as markets go and they are totally aimed at fleecing the tourists with most stalls selling the same stuff just different prices. In Mauritius, it is expected of you to bicker about the price and not just buy it at said price so a lot of bickering later we walked out laden with gifts for those who stayed behind in SA.

IMG_20170328_200725Rescuing the ‘blue peril’ from the parking area we decided to explore some of the island on the more western side where Flic en Flac, Black River and Tamarin houses most of the South Africans living and working on the island.  We stopped off for some lunch which most days consists of some bruschetta’s, salami, cheese, grapes, cider and off course something sweet for pudding. Being on a budget means that restaurants are out of bounds unless worked into the budget as a cup of coffee could easily set you back R40-R60 each and 2 glasses of wine about 300 rupees which amounts to more than a R100. 🙁


Having fun is mandatory so this week has seen us visit remote islands on a Catamaran, spending the day snorkeling the clear blue waters and visiting the stunning Botanical Gardens at Pamplemousses, where one can observe the most amazing sites from reindeer, ginormous tortoises and the biggest lily pads I have seen in my life. Well worth a visit.


We have crisscrossed the island exploring everywhere from the more popular tourist beaches to the more obscure local haunts. I am not regretting one wrong turn-off as I have seen a side of Mauritius that I don’t think many people have seen. One of the wrong turns lead us to one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and earned me a kiss from a tame monIMG_20170328_201603_397key belonging to one of the locals.


We have swum in the sea, we have walked on the beaches, experienced the serenity of a church or two, we explored the mountains and the markets and we came back with a lifetime of memories of the beautiful sights and interesting people we have met.

I am sincerely hoping hubby comes back here to work next year as I am seriously planning my next visit!! 🙂

Till next time.

Much love <3

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