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Mauritius – more than white sandy beaches

Mauritius – more than white sandy beaches

If you had asked me about Mauritius two and a half years ago I probably wouldn’t have been able to name one thing about Mauritius apart from the obvious facts; it’s an island, a popular tourist destination and it boasts white sandy beaches.

Mont Choisy Beach in the North

I had no reference points to speak of and quite frankly did not really care, at that point not realizing how many people I actually knew that has visited the island or done business here at some point or another. It most certainly never crossed my mind that at some point in my future I would be living here. I was never the little girl who dreamed about living on an island however things changed in the blink of an eye and here I am, living a life that many can only dream of.

Yes, it’s that tiny little speck in the ocean

At first glance and if you only read the brochures about the beaches and resorts Mauritius doesn’t seem to offer much more. Like one expat aptly commented on the SALIM group that the island is roughly the size of Pretoria and in my mind probably smaller than some farms back home. Having said that, on arrival here my first time and consequently moving here my opinion has been vastly changed.

Bikes outside the Port Louis Harbor entrance

It is a tiny island and it does boast some awesome beaches. One should nevertheless NOT underestimate the richness and offerings available. Leaving the comfort of the luxurious beach resorts behind one find it a little bit rough around the edges, a tad bit neglected in places but like a good curry spiced with flavor that excites the thirst for adventure and exploring.

Street Art in Port Louis

If one is more inclined to enjoy the offerings and comforts of the luxury resorts never to step foot out except in an air-conditioned car carrying you from restaurant to shop and back, be prepared to miss out on some experiences of a lifetime.

Holidaying or even living in Mauritius one should be prepared to leave your comfort zone, put those walking shoes on and get out there. From the historic buildings in Port Louis, the museums, the hidden away gems that many don’t get to see, the less populated beaches, the old graveyards and churches permeated with history and folklore.

Random old building in Port Louis

On the Internet you only find generic articles about Mauritius, all waxing on about the beauty of the island, the white sandy beaches, the resort hotels and some of the main tourist attractions. Now don’t get me wrong, I am NOT saying that Mauritius are not beautiful, my point here is that none of those brochures or articles prepares you for the REAL Mauritius.

A friendly local

The Mauritius where you can befriend the locals. The island that is dripping with culture. That offers more than the eyes can see. You only have to get off a buss in Port Louis to experience the cacophony of noise, traffic, smells and throngs of people pushing past each other on bustling pavements lined with vendors selling anything from spices to car parts to know that there is a different side to this beautiful little island that is a mere speck in the ocean.

Port Louis

Exploring Mauritius this time around I am not wanting to use Google much but drive from place to place wandering around to see what I can find and using the tips that I get from the locals and some expats sharing their experiences. From sizzling hot sunsets to old buildings, finds on the beach, hidden away spots that I often find more by accident than design.

Mont Choisy Beach Sunset

I’m no fancy travel blogger who intends to beautify or Photoshop everything I find nor am I an expert on the island. I’m merely a mom whom loves to blog, has an innate love of exploring and amateur photography with time on my hands. I was blessed to have made a new friend who shares my love of exploring and learning more about the history of Mauritius which makes it all the more exciting. Sometimes I’ll be going it alone with my camera and at others Patricia and I will have dedicated plans for finding new gems and sharing them with you.

Patricia Prepok and myself on our 1st adventure

I’ve pretty much covered the island from side to side and around the coast a few times but this time I would like to document my explorations and my finds. Showing another side of Mauritius that many were unaware of or just haven’t had the time or inclination. I hope that you will join me on this journey and enjoy it as much as I do.

Exploring grave yards….

If you have any suggestions of where we can go exploring next on the island please feel free to let us know. Email me at admin@karolien-thereslifeafterkids.com

Now the only question remains…

Where do we go next?


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  1. To my new friend! like you I love exploring this amazing island which I call home & am totally in awe of it! So here’s to new adventures!

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