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Morning Thoughts –  Hello July! Where is my focus?

Morning Thoughts – Hello July! Where is my focus?

On my beach walk this morning I once again saw something that made me think. I saw an old man that was obviously out early to catch some fish before he started his day.

What caught my attention, making me stop and watch him for a bit, was the care he took with cleaning his fishing equipment and other bits and bobs he had used. It was at once a familiar scene. I remember how my dad still to this day, cleans every tool he has used and put it away in its place. How my mom would finish each chore properly before starting the next.

He stood there, making sure to clean everything he used in his quest for some fish. I stood there ashamed as I think how I rush each task, each errand, each thing I have to do in my daily life. How busy my life had become that there is ‘no time’ for doing anything properly anymore. How we buzz from chore to chore, getting distracted along the way, often ending up feeling like we’ve accomplished NOTHING for the day.

Is that a familiar feeling? For me, it certainly is and seeing that old man today taking his time over the simplest task, not rushing, not looking around. Totally focused on what needs to be done at that moment. I’m suddenly not proud to be ‘too busy’. I ‘do’ a lot during the day but often it was rushed, not done properly or started but not finished because of another distraction. Whether that be the phone, Facebook, another chore staring me in the face, etc.

It is something I have noticed before and a topic that I’ve been mulling about for a long time. I wonder. Why? Why are we feeling so rushed that everything has to happen at maximum speed? Why can we not allocate enough time and energy to one chore or task at hand at a time and finish it in totality? I mean, if we are really honest, we don’t even sit and drink a cup of coffee in peace without getting so distracted that we jump up to do something else that caught our eye or that we suddenly remembered needs doing, only to return to a cold cup of coffee in a couple of hours time.

If I could wish anything today I would wish to be more like that old man. Focused on one thing instead of on a 1000 things at once. We all know the joke about having too many tabs open in your brain. I feel like that daily. I need to shut them all down and only open one at a time and only open another when I’m done and ready to move on.

Hope you enjoyed my Monday thoughts! Have an amazing day and week ahead!

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