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Morning Thoughts – How time flies

Morning Thoughts – How time flies

I am most probably one of the most UNORGANIZED/DISORGANIZED people you may ever have the (dubious) pleasure of meeting!!

I do NOT plan my blogs ahead. I do NOT schedule posts! I do not have reminders on my phone! I am convinced I’ll just remember everything off the top of my head……hahahahha and I do…mostly! Hence some mornings my so-called morning posts only happens past midday. No comment.

Due to that fact and how time is just seeming to FLY past these days I’m often blogging and posting on the run. Probably a sucky work ethic…but then, I am not working currently so I can’t really see the problem? And yes I know one should be consistent and the blog should be planned ahead for quality and whatnots BUT point is….I am doing this blogging thing for fun! The moment it’s not fun anymore I am going to have to quit.

Having said that and yes I just admitted to being a bit of a doozy where planning and posting is involved I just cannot believe how little time I seem to have daily to catch up on blogs and posts and various forms of social media platforms although it often feels like it’s all I do.

Sunday past marked our six month island-versary, yes, I know that word does not really exist. i cite freedom of speech and writing to just make up my own. 🙂

I’m not sure how I feel about the six month mark yet. To me it seems that people will say they’re happy just to avoid sounding churlish with living on an island, something which I refuse to do. I am used to access to more diversity in all forms and I miss that. I miss getting in my car to visit my family or to take a drive around the peninsula on a weekend. I miss seeing my friends back home. I’m not UNHAPPY and I am NOT clamoring to get on the first plane back but one has to be honest and admit that island life definitely has it’s ups and downs. Often the downs are more than the ups but…I am still here. Busy as a bee. Being so busy came as a big surprise because before moving here I was honestly wondering how on earth I was going to fill my days and here I am complaining about lack of time. I suppose we’ll never be satisfied.

So NO spectacular morning thoughts this morning. Hope I didn’t disappoint too much. Just having my coffee and thinking that my morning post are late yet again…..I should rename them to daily thoughts perhaps instead to be on the safe side.

I can just conclude by saying. Be sure to make the most of every minute in every day. We’re never getting it back. Have a beautiful day.


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