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Morning Thoughts – Time

Morning Thoughts – Time

Good morning everyone

Why do we live such rushed lives. Why do we keep rushing everywhere, rushing everything, rushing everyone.

Why? Why can’t or won’t we choose to slow down and breathe. Can’t we or won’t we? That is the question.

I read a blog the other day about how busy has become the new status. Too busy to talk. Too busy to sit. Too busy too cook. Too busy to relax.

Is it true? If so. Why?

  • Why not take time out and make that phonecall to a family or friend.
  • Why not sit and enjoy a coffee instead of having it on the go
  • Why not take the bus or walk instead of stressing in traffic
  • Why not take time to read that book instead of browsing social media
  • Why not take time to work in the garden instead of staring at a screen
  • Why not take the day off and spend it on the beach

I can list many more but I think I’ve made my point.

Take the time and;

Make the call, send the message, eat a proper meal, visit family and friends. Watch that movie. Like work timeout is needed to thrive.

Stop to breathe and smell the roses. Do it once. Do it twice. Make it a habit..

This glorious morning I am taking the bus, spending 5 minutes staring at the ocean and having coffee with a new friend and get caught in a downpour. 😂 😂

Have a beautiful day. 💞






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