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Morning Thoughts – Tired Thursday

Morning Thoughts – Tired Thursday

It’s Thursday morning and I am TIRED!! Am I the only one feeling this?

I am ashamed to say it out loud as I am not actually employed at the moment and I fill my day with activities and things of my own creation so I shouldn’t be allowed to complain or should I?

Point it, it’s been a hectic week so far. There has been little time for just sitting and relaxing. So much so that this morning I actually did not want to get out of bed. As a matter of fact, I’m still not ready for the day even though it’s just gone 12pm here and technically half of the day is over.

We often say we’re tired. We go to bed tired and we wake up tired. I often wonder why. I normally get a relatively good night’s sleep but I’m often still exhausted in the mornings. That’s something that does my head in.

I am aware that maybe despite being busy all day I’m not quite as active as I should be? Meaning perhaps I need some exercise to get the blood flowing and to tire the body and mind. I’m very much a person of extremes… I either get stuck in front of the computer some days catching up on admin and other days I totally overdo it on my walking excursions. I probably need to find the perfect middle-ground. Which is not my strong point.

Anyhow, so far this morning I did not do NOTHING at least….I did sweep some floors, hang some washing and did some much needed paper sorting getting my admin up to date.

Next up is a shower, some lunch and then we leave home to go shopping and visiting our UK bound friends to say goodbye.

Have a beautiful day!!

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