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Morning Thoughts – What image do I portray?

Morning Thoughts – What image do I portray?

This morning I heard that someone I only met briefly online on one of my blogging platforms had passed away last night.

We haven’t exchanged more than a few comments and Iikes on one another’s posts but reading his blog entries about his battle with cancer touched me deeply. Especially because he came across as such a positive person in each of his blogs and comments posted on other people’s blogs. He was supportive and kind right to the end. A true gentleman and a friend although we barely knew one another.

It made me wonder that if I passed today what legacy would I leave? What would people say of me?

Do we consider that much in our daily lives?Do we think about how we treat others, what we say to them and how we respond when they say something to us or to how they treat us in return.

What would you like people to say about you when you’re not here anymore? I know I would only want kind and nice comments. Because unkind hurts. But then again. Do I act accordingly every day to deserve those kind words? Makes one think doesn’t it?

Perhaps we need to stop for a moment and think about the image we project every day in public, in our homes, between friends and family, in business and everywhere else. Am I kind? Am I supportive? Am I rude?am I helpful or disdainful? Do I comment without empathy or compassion? How do others see me?

We like to say ‘I don’t care what others think of me’ and perhaps in certain things it can be true. In what I wear, where I live or what I drive but surely what we do and say should be carefully considered especially if it’s directed at others.

Just another morning thought. Have a beautiful Wednesday! It’s almost weekend, just hang in there! ❤️

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