Morning thoughts – When life gets in the way

Morning thoughts – When life gets in the way

Good morning everyone

I opened my laptop now just to realize I have not opened it since Monday morning, it being the last time I’ve had time to sit down and get some proper work done.

Time sure flies when we are having fun. It even flies when it’s not fun at all and even more so when we’re busy. I have many grandiose plans of stuff that I want to share each day, only to climb in bed at night not having realized half of what I planned for the day. Days that I barely stay afloat.

The reason why? I’ve once again realized life gets in the way. I live on an island where one can imagine having time in abundance which is true on some days when I consciously make a decision to spend the morning at home. The minute one plans a day out you can forget about having any time for anything else.

This is a place where it often takes more than an hour to travel a mere 30 kilometers, an island where most things move at island time speed. I’m on the fence about it being a bad thing or a good thing. I just know that on this island life happens, time flies and often I feel like I don’t have enough of it.

This week was a blurred rush of dinner with friends, coffee mornings meetups, making yet more new friends, a sickly kitty cat, and visits to the vet. Not counting the fact that hubby returned from his latest forays out at sea.

Be that as it may, it is Thursday. I’ve decided to MAKE time today to get back on top of things before life get’s in the way again. Happy in the thought that tomorrow is Friday and we can just take a moment to breathe.

Have a wonderful day!

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