Meat Free Monday – Lentil Bobotie

  Ingredients 15 g butter 15 ml olive oil 1 onion, finely chopped 15 ml medium curry powder 2 red chillies, chopped 3 cloves garlic, crushed 500g butternut, cubed 2 carrots, grated 45 ml chutney 10ml sugar handful coriander, chopped 2 x 410g cans lentils, drained salt and pepper 500ml amasi 3 eggs 1.25 ml […]


I’ll hold them and then hand them back … Kay

  Due to an increase in pregnancies in the circles I move in I find I cannot stop thinking about pregnancy, being pregnant, babies and more! AND NO, I am so not planning on being pregnant in the near future, that option has gone and left the building with a quick snip-snip procedure for hubby. […]

Karolien - There is life after kids

Sensory Overload….by Karolien – There’s life after kids

Driving through town the other day and subsequently through another neighborhood close by something struck me quite hard. Something that has bothered me for a long time but I could never quite put my finger on it. When have suburbs changed so much that our surroundings resemble a futuristic movie scene in the sense that every house looks […]

Karolien - There is life after kids

Overwhelmed by Stuff…….by Karolien – There’s life after kids

When is the moment in time that you decide you have too much stuf? When you open up a cupboard and all the crap starts falling out the minute you inch the door open? The moment when you cannot find a certain piece of clothing and you realise that you might have too much clothes? […]

Karolien - There is life after kids

Sentimental Old Cow… Karolien – There’s life after kids

Once again, it’s that time….time for a blog.  And the muse seems to still be on holiday. It’s been like this for the past few months now, I guess I ought to send a mail and demand she/he/it come back so that the writers-block can take a hike. 😉 Easier said than done though. Ideas are a […]

Karolien - There is life after kids

‘Verlange’ translated as miss, desire or longing for… Karolien – There’s life after kids

 Sitting here tonight wracking my brains for the English equivalent of the Afrikaans word ‘verlange’ which basically means missing someone but it doesn’t carry quite the same weight and not being able to find the correct description of exactly what I am trying to say. Using Google and checking a few different sources the only options I could come up […]

Karolien - There is life after kids

Technology and I-A love/hate Affair… Karolien – There’s life after kids

I love to think that I am not technologically challenged as I can manage to run my own website learning as I go admittedly but still. I manage. However, today I sort of met my match trying to set up my own WordPress blog site. Whoever said that is easy is lying through his teeth, […]

Karolien - There is life after kids

Mauritius Diaries: Part 2……by Karolien

The adventure continues……..Accommodation: company house, Transport: company car aka “the blue peril” a tiny little blue car called a Nissan March, a forerunner of the Nissan Micra but not as comfortable trust me. Driving in Mauritius is a dangerous sport as basically everyone just goes at full-speed all the times and your hooter is your […]

Karolien - There is life after kids

That Sunday Feeling… Karolien

  No school tomorrow but I am still suffering from Sunday blues? How does that work? I am supposed to be in seventh heaven because I don’t have to go to school in the morning but for some reason I am bogged down with ‘that Sunday feeling’, the feeling of despair, the no-man’s land of […]

Karolien - There is life after kids

Mauritian diaries Chapter 1……by Karolien

I am in Mauritius, sans kids, precious time away with hubby all by ourselves on a tropical island…… dream holiday come true? Yes and no….one thing I can say is that my type of Mauritius holiday is definitely not the same as the average tourist experience or what the brochure advertises. As I sit here writing my […]

Karolien - There is life after kids