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Random Ramblings – This Journey Called Life

Random Ramblings – This Journey Called Life

I’m still within the morning hours frame this morning low and behold!! Although I’ve been thinking to rather change the heading for this to #randomramblings as I am often not in time for the morning posts that i’ve originally planned because often life gets in the way.

I’ve been up and about early and decided I need a walk to clear my head, recharge my batteries and get some steps in for my @Actifit app!

I am NOT a morning person at all as I just stressed to a friend yesterday (I know you’re reading this!😉) but sometimes I have my moments when I rise to the occasion and am up and at it first thing. This mornings walk was not planned but I felt the need for quiet time listening to some uplifting music and enjoying a bit of the beach before returning home to deal with the mundane chores of laundry and cleaning and of course penning down my daily thoughts.

I snapped a picture the other day of two footsteps next to each other but pointing in different directions and it made me think of our respective journeys in life. It was such a powerful image it’s been on my mind for days now.

No two persons in life travels the same path or share the same journey. Not even if you are in a relationship. We are each and everyone on our own unique journey in life and no one can discount the experiences that you have gone through. The hurt you’ve experienced. The sadness. The joys. The happiness.

Each one of us walk this journey alone. In the company of others perhaps but alone. We cannot judge another person’s journey before we’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Your current situation might be the worst experience ever currently BUT one should keep in mind, in life there is always someone worse off than you. I often think how crap my situation is and then I speak to people and I realize I’ll rather deal with my crap than theirs.

We should NOT compare our journey to the person next to us. You don’t know what that person is experiencing. It might just be much worse than you thought yours were.

We all journey on this earth, all in different directions. On different paths. With different experiences. Life is often unfair in our minds, yes even in mine too from time to time. Let’s not concentrate so much on the person next to us who’s journey appears to be lighter, better, happier, more joyful than ours. You don’t know whether that person is just making you believe that to hide pain and suffering.

I’ve learned NOT to believe all I read on social media on how HAPPY people are when they share stuff on there because I would be in a constant state of depression if I had to believe that that is the true state of their lives.

Meeting and dealing with a lot of people I’ve learnt over the years how much pain can hide behind a smile. How much suffering can hide behind a happy photo on any social media platform. We strive to show our ‘perfect’ journeys but we’re too scared to open up and show the hard parts. The parts where we feel down, depressed, alone, unsure or afraid. I’m also guilty at times. I get people saying I look so happy judging on what they see on social media, but truth is, I am NOT always happy. I get my grey days, my days where I want to hide under the blankets locking the doors and pretend not to be home.

Just because I live on an island does NOT mean I live in paradise where each step of my journey is easy and enjoyable. Don’t assume if you don’t know the facts is all I can say. Blessed I am, I won’t deny it. But it was and still is one hell of a ride with all of it’s own ups and downs and uncertainty . I do know though, that although we all travel this journey alone, we are surrounded by others and we need but reach out to share our moments with others, be it sad or happy.

Now I’ve spilled my thoughts for today and I can get on with the rest of this magnificent Friday! Wishing you all a beautiful day!!

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