Karolien – There's Life After Kids

#Mauritius - Doing The Expat Thing

Snap by Belinda Bauer – Book Review by Liza from books.books.books


On a very hot summer’s day, eleven-year-old Jack and his two younger sisters sit in their broken down car, waiting for their mother to come back and rescue them. She was going to walk to the nearest phone box to call someone to tow them in. “Jack’s in charge – I won’t be long”. They wait and they wait but she doesn’t come back. She never comes back.
Three years later Jack is still in charge of his sisters. He is supporting them and making sure nobody knows they are living alone in their home. He is still trying to find out the truth about what happened to his mother and why she disappeared.
Across town, mother-to-be Catherine wakes up to find a knife next to her bed with a scribbled note that says: I could have killed you.
How are they connected?

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